My favorite memory from a Miss. State game

In the 1986 game with Mississippi State at Starkville, Van Tiffin had a chance to break the all time record for PAT in that game (and did so). We didn’t have tickets but found 4 easily enough before the game but they were in the upper deck in the middle of State fans. My children were 8 and 5 at that time.

It wasn’t long before Bama had the game under control and each time Bama scored we did like we do every time Bama scores; we jumped up and yelled. One guy who had a little too much liquid courage yelled, “the next time you stand up, I’m gonna throw all your asses over the side.” The laughter from the other State fans only boosted his confidence and he made similar threats over the next several plays. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sit there without standing again, so I found the nearest security guard and told him my problem. He didn’t say a word but turned and disappeared into the concourse under the upper deck. I went back to my seat and one of the State fans sitting with the guy who made the threats said, “ You’re in our house, in our seats. If you don’t like it here, then go somewhere else. ” My wife was ready to do so, especially with the kids. But we stayed.

Not long afterward the security guard returned with 3 more guards. They asked the guy with the threats to come with them and when he refused, they grabbed him, handcuffed him and literally drug him down the steps. The security guard returned a little while later, came up to the row we were sitting and said loud enough for everyone to hear, “if you have any more problems, let me know. We want you and your family to enjoy the game.”

All at once it was like we were at a family reunion. The people around us, who had previously laughed as the threats were made, turned into grandparents. Our kids were some of the best behaved they had ever seen etc, etc. They bought them candy, cokes, popcorn and all of sudden several apologies were coming our way. We had a really good time during that game and yes, we stood up several more times during the game.

As we were leaving, my son and I stopped by the restrooms and there were two Bama students ahead of us in line. They high-fived each other and said out loud," we came, we saw and we kicked their ass." My 8 year old son grinned real big, looked at me and said, " that's a pretty good saying, ain't it daddy?"

I replied, " yeah, but don't let your momma hear you say it."

We went down to the dressing room area and got the kids picture made with several Bama players including Derrick Thomas, Van Tiffin and Kerry Goode.

Good times and priceless memories.

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