It may be fantasy land, but you're welcome to join in.

Getting over the LSU loss, sent me into a temporary trip into the pit of despair. So I decided to jump into my happy place (which could still play out to be true) and the following occurred:

Sat, Nov 13th:

The Tide shakes off the gloom and despair from the loss, gets a chewin from Saban and Cochran and finally MAN Up against the bullies. The crowd is electric at BDS and GMAC along with Ingram and Jones combine for 500+ yds of offense and 35 points. The defense had a much better showing only giving them 250 total yds of offense. Final score 35-10.

LSU has a close call with La Monroe and barely scrapes by 21-14. Their offensive woes "suddenly" return.

In a huge upset, Auburn loses to GA as GA is on the winning end of a triple overtime shootout. Elation and anticipation fall to grief and shattered dreams.

Thur, Nov 18th:

The Tide crushes Ga St. and Bill Curry goes on record during a post-game, video interview that that's the worst beating he's ever taken in his life. The Tide has 600+ yds of offense. AJ comes in after halftime and throws for 250 yds and 3 TDs. Richardson could have played but was rested for the Auburn game.

Aubies keep a confident facade, but their Facebook status changes to cautiously optimistic.

Sat, Nov 20th - Attack of the Nutter

LSU loses to Ole Miss as the Nutter pulls off his patented one game per year upset. Nutt grabs some grass for himself as well but chooses to smoke it instead. The pressure is now on as Arky is looking stronger and more confident as the season progresses.

Fri, Nov 26th - A Day of Reckoning

Auburn comes into BDS stadium with a deer in the headlights look to them. Cam is jumping around waving his arms and doing his best Tebow impression. The Tide had already warmed up earlier and were already on the field waiting on the Tigers. Fluker is fully healed and was one of the game day captains. As Fluker shakes hands, his raw strength breaks Cam's pinky finger (Cam winces in pain).

Upon winning the coin toss, and in a surprise move, Saban defaults to kick to the Tigers. Saban pulls his best mad hatter impression and recovers an onsides kick at AU's 40 yd line. The first play of the game Vlachos plants Fariley in the dirt and Richardson blazes up the middle for a 60 yd TD in 5 seconds.

We kickoff again and stop AU at their own 15 yd line. Cam tries to gain yardage on his own after two incomplete passes (draw play) and Hightower lays him out. Cam takes a minute to get up but walks off shortly after the trainers come out to check on him.

Auburn punts to Maze. Maze channels Javier and runs back to AU's 10 yard line. GMAC throws a fade to Julio on first down - TOUCHDOWN!!! AU now trails the Tide 14-0 after 3 minutes in the first quarter.

We kick off again and Auburn (clearly rattled) fumbles the ball out of bounds at their 18 yard line. On first down U goes play action off of a Dyer fake (going deep to Adams) but Dre picks off the pass at the Tide's 45 yard line. Bedlam ensues after GMAC is injured by Fairley.

AJ comes on and it's 2nd and 14 on the Tide's 41 yd line. Playaction to TR and Maze is wide open - AJ airs it out with the touch that only AJ has and lets Maze run under it for a 45 yard completion. TR AND Ingram are in the backfield for the next play. Handoff to Ingram who hands off to TR on the reverse. AJ comes out and cut blocks (legal that is) Fairley who twists his ankle. TR goes uncontested into the end zone.

By the time the game is over it's victory for the Tide 44-14!

BDS goes crazy and Rammer Jammer has never been louder in the history of BDS. Youtube clips spring up everywhere and the Tide picks up up two more committments as a result.

Sat, Nov 27th - Revenge of the Hogs!!

Little known to those outside of the Razorback camp, Petrino was pissed about the overtime loss in 2009. Losing to the Mad Hatter was more than he could bear and this was a revenge tour. This time the Hogs hosted LSU and it was a massacre. Hogs run hog wild and win 31-10. There was car burings and chants in the streets as the once breifly popular Miles had turned to the crazy goat after two trick plays resulted in turnovers during the loss. Miles had to go home via a polic escort and all of the sudden his eyes shift to Michigan after his and Rich Rod's season implodes.

While in T-Town there's dancing in the streets as the Tide are suddenly headed to Atlanta for the SEC championship game. The BCS is also thrown into chaos as the mighty ducks lose to Arizona, Boise chokes on Nevada and TCU stumbles while playing New Mexico - ANARCHY IN THE STREETS OF BCS LAND!!!

I mean I can dream right?

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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