So You Think Fans Say Stupid Things?

Soundbite version: Pointing out that fans say stupid things is a pretty stupid thing to do. 

Longer version:

Insomuch as complaining about stupid fans is just venting frustration, fine, but I'm starting to think that some of you actually believe you've discovered that fans say stupid things, and that when they do so you need to point this out to everyone.  If you're in that camp, take a moment to consider how patently stupid that is. 

First:  When you point out that fans say stupid things, you're not wrong.  But you're stupid to do so nonetheless because a fan by definition makes stupid remarks.  It is a tautology to say that fans make stupid remarks.  Have you ever looked up "fanatic" in the dictionary?  Weeping Jesus on the cross!  You have to be stupid just to be a fan.  You're view of reality has to be off kilter.  You have to believe and say things that are stupid.  So that even if you make just a short little comment on your favorite website, because you are a fan, there is a very high degree of probability that it is a stupid remark.  The natural result of this axiom is that when fans say something stupid, they're just being fans.  It's just that simple. 

Second:  There are worse things than being stupid.  We've established the fact that many fans, if not all, make stupid remarks.  Hell, even successful coaches and sports media personalities have been known to make incredibly stupid remarks.  That's going to happen.  It's just part of being a fan.  You get caught up in the frustration and/or excitement, and then you say something really stupid.  Odds are that most fans realize when they've said something stupid.  That doesn't mean that fans should stop saying things.  Where's the fun in that?  If fans didn't say things, God forbid, there'd be no more "Meltdown Tuesday."  For the greater good, please don't discourage fans from saying stupid things.

Third:  The experience, character, and personality of fans are exaggerated whenever they're talking about their teams.  Again, that's what a fan is by definition.  Most fans have no experience as a football coach, so they're probably going to sound like morons when they talk about their team's play calling.  If you are a worrier, then you will worry obsessively about your team.  If you are optimistic, then you will express extreme optimism in discussions about your team.  And if you like to argue, then you're going to argue about your team with other fans.  Our best and worst features are multiplied when we talk about our favorite team.

So, if you're in this camp - pointing out when and where fans are stupid - well . . .  you know the guy who walks out of a science fiction movie saying, "It was unrealistic."  Or the one who points out the false assumptions in a funny joke.  Or the one who says, "Shakespeare is only fiction."

You know the type?

Yeah... you're that guy. Congrats.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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