Wouldn't it be great if the FBI got involved in the Cam Newton investigation?

Ya-uh, Jay Edga, come give me a hug and get to know da rest of da family. We ain't got nuttin' to worry 'bout, we keep it down home, cuz...

Apparently the FBI thinks so. According to TMZ:

TMZ Sports has confirmed the FBI has requested a meeting with a key figure in the Cam Newton college football recruiting controversy to find out if, "young men are being shopped to colleges."

The man feds want to speak with is John Bond -- a former Mississippi State football star. Last week, Bond claimed people connected to Heisman front-runner Cam Newton contacted him back in 2009 and said it would take $180,000 to get Cam to commit to MSU. 

Bond's attorney confirms to TMZ Sports that the FBI has requested a sit-down meeting with his client -- and tells us the agent who contacted him said, "We are interested in whether young men are being shopped to colleges."

Notice that the confirmation of FBI involvement as well as the specific subject matter comes not from an unidentified source, but directly from John Bond's attorney.

One way or the other, I expect this will start to get really fun very soon. The NCAA cannot force Kenny Rogers to do anything, and with Newton all-but-guaranteed to leave early for the NFL Draft then the NCAA really only has leverage over Newton for another eight weeks or so before he can take the Reggie Bush vow of silence. The FBI, though? Good luck stonewalling them. And likewise, if the FBI legitimately thinks there has been a transfer of a large amount of money, odds are the IRS won't be too far behind them.

For better or for worse, though, this adds a completely different element to this case, and truth be told it largely increases the chances that any wrongdoing, if it indeed took place, comes to light. Remember, much of the knowledge of the Albert Means scandal came as the result of the FBI's involvement, and a good deal of the dirty info behind Reggie Bush came to light as a result of the lawsuits. If there is anything to it, the involvement of agencies like the FBI can quickly drive it out in ways unlike the NCAA can.

Closing thoughts? The REC controls the FBI. Jay Edgar Hoover was a Bammer. Robert Mueller reports directly to Nick Saban. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Note: hat tip to atcrawford for his earlier fanshot on the subject.

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