Play-for-play 101 - How to cash in and stay eligible

If you have a talented son wanting to play D1 college football and feel you can cash in on his talents, here's a quick "how to" guide to ensure success - or - if caught shopping your son around - how to avoid your son becoming ineligible.

1) Check Google for a list of boosters related to the univerisites you are interested in

2) Check for any related articles of said boosters, to see if there have been past accusations or reported incidents with players or recruits

3) Upon receiving scholarship(s) make sure you are the decision maker and your son is not involved in the recruiting process other than showing up and answering player related questions.

4) When signing talks present themselves, make sure you (and/or your agent) ahndle all negotiations while alluding to the fact that your son's signature comes with a price.

5) If money is transacted for the signature, make sure you  there's no way the money trail can be tied back to you or the agent (see money laundering 101 for tips)

6) If caught, just deny your son ever know anything and that there was no payment EVEN if there's taped conversations of you asking for payment. If you referenced money laundering 101, it can't be proven and you're good. If they can trace the money - you're toast.

7) If they don't trace the money, and if your son denies he ever knew anything - all you get is "limited access" to the university - which translates into one less appearance at afunction of your choice.

For additional information please call our "Get Paid" network. Operators are standing by.

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