This could be very bad for Auburn if it turns up true…. This link is a very, very good read. The facts contained within can/will be very damning to Auburn if proven to be true. I HIGHLY encourage any and all to read what BlueTunaTiger, over at has put together so beautifully after the jump. Great Job BlueTunaTiger!!!!!!!. Please let me know your thoughts. The information contained after the jump is an email I received from a concern Bama fan..........yea....Anyways the email gives a breif rundown of the link posted above.

Before reading this post, please know this is what I've heard and wanted to pass it along. Some of this may be known already and in some cases things get added as well all know via the "telephone game". I don't claim to be an insider but I trust my source and have a pretty good feeling about this. So here goes: Got a phone call on Sunday night from a very close family friend who is connected through a few different avenues of people. Indictments are coming for Lowder and company either this week or next via the FBI. I've heard Pat Dye and Jimmy Rane may be served as well (as board members of Colonial).

The FBI's involvement in this has nothing directly to do with Auburn or Cam Newton. They are after Lowder for the fall of Colonial Bank. The FDIC started it's investigation of Colonial quite some time ago (keep in mind Colonial took TARP $). The FBI was pulled in when certain things began to turn up. In particular and large account which had no personal/company affilitation (slush fund account). This account was easily maintained and covered up (explained away) from auditors as the majority of mgt and board members were barners (Dye, Rane, McGreggor). Linked to this account were numerous atm/debit cards which were used quite frequently.

The FBI has been building it's case against Lowder and they want him in jail. As part of their investigation and uncovering this "account" they have provided the link to the barn and them using this avenue to pay players for the NCAA. The issue with the barn started as a Cam Newton issue via Ms. State but it is much bigger and may not even be the tip of the ice berg for them. This has been going on for years with Lowder and Dye calling the shots.

When an individual uses an atm card at a local bank, there is a camera that takes your picture, so the FBI has photos/locations/etc of everyone that has used these cards to get cash. The story that was put out by TMZ about McGreggor and the casino is not entirely true. McGreggor is related to this but not in that regard.

So what happens now? The FBI idictments come out and the wheels in lower Alabama begin to come off one by one. SACS is in the loop of all the dealings as is the NCAA and the SEC. Them along with ESPN have been gagged by the FBI which is why things have been so quiet lately. Once the indictments come out, things are going to start moving.

If you remember the week before the Iron Bowl Herbstreit and others were talking about a story that ESPN has been working and was ready to run. This was halted by the FBI until they served their indictments.

The FBI is essentially gift wrapping what SACS/NCAA need and more. The NCAA won't have much work to do once everything is released to them. It will then be decision time.

According to my source, SACS has what they need to pull barn's accredidation with booster and board member interference with the athletic program. That coupled with the mess they were in a few years back with SACS. As many of you know, once this happens, the barn is immediately banned from the SEC. The death penalty is an option, although I don't think it's likely. But being removed from the conference is a very real issue they will be dealing with.

He said this could be the worst uncovering of anything in college football history. Dye knows it, as does Lowder and others heavy involved. They know they will never recover once everything comes out, which is why they are still playing Cam and shooting for the stars to go out as winners "on the field". Hopefully SC can take care of that Saturday and bring them to their knees before the FBI/NCAA does.

Bottom line is this, the barn is done... period. I know the loss stung last week, nobody took it harder than me but I wouldn't swap placess with them to 12-0 right now for nothing. Saban is building a process and this is a growth spurt of young talent. Bama is here stay. The barn is not.

Roll Tide! Here's to keeping our process going as the greatest football program and fan base in the country and here's to the barns demise. I long for the day to which the barn does not exist

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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