Ok, Who do you want to win in the bowls?


Well, the SEC has ten teams in bowls this year. I think it was a actually a down year for the conference (and CFB in general) and don’t think for a minute we have 10 teams worthy of bowls. However, thanks to weak nonconference schedules we landed ten so a big pay day will be had by all.

Now, some of y’all are just total SEC fans and are going to pull for every SEC school. Sorry, I’m just not that loyal to the SEC and furthermore I have little use for Slive. So, I’m only going to be rooting for SEC schools in half of the bowls. Anyway, here is who I’m pulling for and why. I’d like to know whom the rest of you all want to win and why.

Birmingham: Kentucky vs. Pitt. In this game I’m rooting for UK. Kentucky is actually my favorite SEC team besides Bama (Bear coached there.) There is no team in the Big East I care for.

Outback: Florida vs. Penn St. In this game I want PSU. I don’t like Urban and PSU fans were very nice when they came to BDS, something UF fans have never been. Besides, in the long run, in spite of AU’s magical season, UF is the biggest threat to Bama in the SEC. Any time they can lose some prestige that is a good thing.

Peach: SC vs. FSU. In this game I want SC. I think a strong SC only helps Bama as it keeps UF from totally dominating the East. I’m not against FSU as I like what they did to UF. This is as close to "I don’t care" as I’ve got but it is still SC.

Liberty: UGA vs. UCF. In this game I want UCF. Normally I’d pull for UGA in a bowl game, but I am actually a UCF graduate and member of the UCF letterman’s club so I have to go with my alma mater. Besides we are in tight battles with UGA for some top prospects. Them having a losing season couldn’t hurt. GO KNIGHTS!!

Cotton: LSU vs. Texas A&M. In this game I want A&M. I always liked A&M because of their cool traditions until they got Fran. Anyone is entitled to one mistake, so now I’m back with them. If I had been born in Texas, I’d definitely be an Aggie.

Sugar: Arkansas vs. Ohio State. In this game I want Arkansas. I hate Ohio St. and always will. Arkansas fans were very nice to me this year when I went to our game in Fayetteville. I’m not big on BP, but I guess the Hogs are now my second favorite SEC West team.

Gator: Miss. St. vs. Michigan. In this game I want Miss. St. I like Mullen and appreciate MSU not paying Cam although they could have done a better job of collecting evidence to fry him. I’m somewhat neutral on Michigan, although I don’t care for Rich Rod one bit.

Music City: Tennessee vs. North Carolina. I hate UT thus I’m for NC 100% in this one. Personally I don’t think UT should even be in bowl. Furthermore, any win just helps their recruiting and I want them to be down a long, long, time.

BCSNCG: Auburn vs. Oregon. Is there any rational reason to want Auburn to win? Absolutely not! I am for the Ducks all the way. Let me say though that unless Cam is declared ineligible BEFORE the game this is going to be a tough one. People picking Oregon the favorite are making the same mistake as they did when the picked Bama a favorite over Auburn. As a side note, if you live around any Aubies, and you think they are bad now, just wait until they win a NC, they will be impossible.

Capital One: Alabama vs. Michigan State. Obviously Alabama. But, there is a lot at stake in this game for Bama and it is no "exhibition." To begin with we have some great seniors on this team and I want them to go out as winners. Secondly, CFB is all about bragging rights. One of Bama’s main bragging rights is that we have the most bowl victories of all time. We need to add to that number. Thirdly, do you realize we have not won bowl games in two consecutive years since we won 4 straight from 91to 94. That needs to change this year. Fourth, a win gives us 10 wins for the year and could bump us into the Top 10 as well. Finally, this game is really all about pride for Alabama. We can win no title, we can erase no defeat, and we have every reason to mail it in. We are going to find out how much pride Bama has come Jan. 1 and I’ll be there.

So, I want UA, UK, MSU, SC, & Arky and the other 5 I really want to lose. I guess I’m really not much of an SEC fan at all.

Anyway, which way do you want these games to go?

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