A¤Day (ReMiX) revisited...blah blah...

The Day

A-Day was a great chance for my family to do what we do best in the fall...tailgate.  We piled on a whole pig, had drunken chicken, pork roasts, Mom's famous homemade potato salad and banana pudding amid tons of other things.  My favorite is the gulf shrimp brought in by our friends who give them a bbq flair.  Drinks were all around; friends were all around.  What could possibly be amiss?

The Scrimmage

The scrimmage was great.  Unfortunately, I did have the gall to sit next to Mullet McGee (I believe that's his name) and his friend Ima Lau Dummie.  "We came all this way for punts?" says one.  "Terrible punts at that," says another.  Ah the beauty of Spring football.  I thought the scrimmage went well.  No Injuries.  Our RB stable is full and deeper than the Atlantic.  Our own Star Jackson would probably start at 8+ SEC schools this season....and he's hovering 3rd-4th string at this moment.  Marcel Dareus at DT with Donta Hightower at DE is unblockable.  Our OL needs to pick it up a bit regarding pass blocking...but then again, they're facing The Unblockables (soon to be optioned by Miramax).

Altogether, we need more consistency in several areas.  It's Spring.  Springtime is when we just run drills and instill technique while running quite vanilla schemes.  It's not a time to panic like my neighbors inside the stadium (whose names are made-up, but I'm positive that they are close if not nicknames).

The Insanity
I came to the message boards last night looking for any information that I missed.  Apparently I missed an epic meltdown.  We gained two potential 5-star recruits' commitments before noon.  We came away with no injuries.  We, who were in the sun, got a little tanning done for the Summer....well, today I revisited the boards.  Not so much of a melt down (like McCarron over McElroy, Curt Cignetti has got to go, among others), but still people are more touchy than usual.
My Message
It was a Spring Game.  It was not a game.  It was a scrimmage.  Our own fanbase created this hooplah in 2007 by showing up in droves.  Never before has Spring been so highly covered.  It is today thanks to Bama's fans.  Our fans, however, need to realize at times that this is only a scrimmage.  How lucky are we to have ESPN come to a Spring Practice two years in a row.  Did you see all the talent on the field?  Jerrell Harris and Dre Kirkpatrick really shined at times yesterday and they'll only get better by next season.  If you aren't happy yet...I'm not sure that winning will make you happy.  Maybe something else is awry.  You guys here at RBR are the cream baby (and I'm sorry I didn't stop by Egan's, but my very conservative brother decided to drink himself into oblivion yesterday; I'd send pics of him but it's best I keep that off the innerwebz).  You aren't the ones wah-ing about it.  But Mullet McGee, posters on msg boards last night, and watching the replay even and hear the announcers talk about it as a game...I just wanted to remind any Bama fan who reads this...
Spring Football is a big deal because we made/make it a big deal.  My biggest expectation yesterday....was to see my tailgating friends and practice grilling for the season.  I had a great time.  Our team looks loaded.  Nick Saban has a plan ;)  I had a great time and I'm sad for anyone who didn't.  Lots of love from Dixi!

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