I'm Converting: WAR EAGLE!

After 31 years of being a die hard Bama fan, I have finally found the path I should have seen from the beginning.  I blame my parents.  As such, I will be spending less time here and will change my screenname to "Auburnreturns09".  I appreciate spending quality time with you on this blog, but now I will join my Auburn brethren on another site.  I wish you all the best in 2010, but you better be ready for the Tigers!  Just in case anyone was wondering, below you will find the reasons why I won't be part of the Bama brethren moving forward:


*  Nick Saban is a tremendous coach, but noone has generated the excitement and intensity in the SEC in recent memory like Gene Chizik.  Between the coaching staff he has brought together, the talent he has recruited, and the traits he exhibits as a true "Auburn Man", we can't go wrong.  Saban may have two BCS titles, but he ain't no Chizik.

*  Malhzan's Offense.  Seriously, he almost beat Bama last year, and OWNED our defense.  Imagine what he will do this year with a top five recruiting class, highlighted by...

*  Cam Newton.  There is nothing else to say.

*  While most of my wardrobe is either suits and ties for work or Alabama/red & White crap, it can be easily replaced as most Auburn shit is on clearance.  Should work pretty well.

*  Easier to get tickets to the Outback Bowl than the Rose Bowl.

*  Spirit.  Nothing gets me going like watching that damn eagle soar!

*  Stupid Bammers that are fans and didn't go to school in Tuscaloosa.  That really sticks my craw.

*  Tiger Eyes > Angry Elephant

*  Tommy Tuberville Field

*  Cows are awesome

*  Jay Coulter

*  Bryant Denny Stadium is just too damn big.

*  I like 280 traffic

*  Charles from Reel Town.  Dude gets a bad rap.

*  Fear the THUMB baby!

*  I'm pretty busy the first week of January, so this way I can get my bowl game out of the way before Christmas.

*  Rather win one "real" championship every 60 years rather than have 18 made up championships.  BCS is BS because Boise shoulda been there.

*  I'm tired of being a responsible adult.  Would rather complain about everything.

*  Overall, I figure I can get in on the ground level of this thing, and be the top Auburn fan in no time.  They aren't too bright, so it should be an easy climb.  Might even get to AD fairly soon, although I may be overqualified.

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