4 Super Conferences Could Emerge

Reading all that is coming out of the Big 10, out of Missouri, and also reading about the joint meeting with the Big 12 and Pac 10 I think we are real close to the emergence of 4 super conferences. This will in turn lead to a very simple playoff system.  

I suspect the Big 10 is going to expand to 16 teams. Missouri and Nebraska from the Big 12 and then 4 teams from the Big East (Notre Dame is going to say no!) Rutgers for sure and likely Syracuse, U Conn, and Pitt.

The SEC will take Texas, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Okie St. All these will go in the West and Bama and Auburn will jump to the East.

The Pac 10 is going to take the rest of the Big 12. Colorado, Kansas, K-State, Iowa St., Baylor, and Texas Tech.

The ACC will gobble up the four remaining Big East Schools- West Virginia, Louisville, USF, and Cincy.

This would give us 4, 16 team super conferences. I suspect the 4 conferences will then arrange a 4 team playoff system from their championship game winners the first and second weeks in January. It would just be called "The Football Final Four." We won’t need a BCS, the winner of that 4 team playoff will be the recognized national champion. No need for discussion!! And it will only add one extra game for a total of 2 schools (15 games for the final 2). The revenues for these 3 games in January will be through the roof!! The rest of the schools would play in the bowls as usual.

Admittedly the mid-majors (Bosie, Utah, TCU etc.) will be left out. I hope they will all band together and form a league of their own and play all their games on Tues, & Wed. nights. Eventually they could form their division and have their own champion etc. But, if they decide to sue or go to Congress it won't matter as the 4 super conferences can say "We aren't declaring a national champion, just the winner of the Final 4." 

Now I’m not for all this. I like things the way things are at present. But this is all about TV money and the 64 schools in the super conferences would all get more money. You think they would get less because they have to split it more ways. But if you think about it the 4 super conferences would control about 98% of the college football market with a full slate of games on Sat. as well as Thurs., Fri., and Mon. night games. Plus "The Football Final Four" would be huge!!

As crazy as this all sounds the schools need the money and they will do what they can to get as much money as they can.

This will all start to happen around July 1 when Missouri and Nebraska jump to the Big 10. Once that happens it is going to get crazy for a while. But eventually 4 conferences will emerge as the big winners.    

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