The five worst websites in all of sports


Cbs takes the top spot on my list of worst sports websites due in large part to the cesspool that is their group of "college football experts", i.e. columnists.  The offenders include Dennis Dodd, Gregg Doyel, and Mike Freeman.  What makes CBS so pathetic is that they have the resources to put together a top notch website with great columnists, yet they hire these jokes.  Here's a selection of "brilliant" articles from these guys:

No longer living in a world where SEC rules, Oct. 27, 2009

In this article, Gregg Doyel talks about how overrated the SEC is from top to bottom and pimps (among others) USC and Cincinatti as possible BCS championship quality teams.  Yes, that was after USC had lost to Washington. 

Tide's latest national title deserves an asterisk, Jan. 8, 2010

That's Mike Freeman, and the article is just what you'd think given the title.  Actually worse.  Later, Freeman went on to gloat about all of the hate mail he received from the article and used the most embarrassing emails of the bunch to denigrate Alabamians.

Vols 'fans' No. 1 on considerable list of losers in Kiffin saga

They can't even dis Tennessee without coming off as pompous windbags.

Kiffin's presence speaks volumes on Trojans' future

USC football is going to walk. There will be no NCAA jail. What, you haven't heard? Lane Kiffin told me. Actually, he told all of us the day he took the job in January. USC's coach is a lot of things and stupid isn't one of them. He didn't replace Pete Carroll knowing that his program was going to get The Big Haircut from the NCAA...  Postseason ban? It ain't happening. Crippling scholarship cuts? No way. Those are really the only two issues USC has to worry about. Anything else, USC can handle. If there was a hint that either one was on the table, Kiffin wouldn't be with the Trojans.


You'd think I must constantly browse CBS to have come up with all of these ridiculous trash pieces, but that is really not the case at all.

2.  CFN aka

For the most part, a single article lead me to swear off this site. It's a DOOZIE!  Here's an archived version from a third party site

Mike Shula Fired: The Hammer is Yellow, by Matt Zemek


Down where the Capstone stands, Alabama football fans love to belt out the cheer, "Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer, Give 'em hell, Alabama!"  Well, that hammer is definitely yellow, all right... as in cowardly.  The Alabama administration is a bunch of gutless moral midgets after kicking Mike Shula into the hell of unemployment today...

This rates as one of the most disgusting and morally repugnant coach firings in recent college football memory... Here's hoping that football karma runs over the dogma of a clearly inflexible and ruthless Alabama administration... The hypocrisy--and the moral cowardice--are overwhelming. I smell football politics in Tuscaloosa, and boy, does it stink. Bama brought the hammer to Mike Shula, and that smelly hammer is definitely yellow. Each time the Crimson Tide gets nailed on the football field in future seasons, poetic justice will be served. 

Barners wish they could be so ignorant and full of spite. 

So anyway, I've avoided that site like the plague in recent years.  But apparently they haven't gotten a clue in that time. 


New recuit Matt James might not be an elite prospect, but he was on everyone’s list of the best tackles of this year’s recruiting class with the size and frame to sit at one tackle spot for 4 years. At 6-7 and 291 pounds, the Cincinnati native followed Brian Kelly to South Bend and will get a long look at playing time right away on the outside. Even though he’s tall, he’s physical for the ground game and does a good job of shoving people around.


Of course, Matt James died last spring.  Aside from the unreal gaffe in touting a player that's been deceased for over four months, I love the line about him not being an elite prospect yet he was "on everyone's list of the best tackles".  Jesus.  Christ. 

and Spudsfan over at EDSBS made a great point which would be a fitting epitaph for CFN as it descends to the graveyard of sports websites.

The thing that kills me about CFN is

They were around before college football blogs really broke out, they have a great brand name/URL, and they got all that money from Fox Sports (plus whatever publicity value you get from articles there).

If anybody over there had a semblance of a clue, they would have been huge. Instead, it’s come to this.

by spudsfan on Jul 15, 2010 9:49 AM PDT reply actions  

3.  Bleacher Report

Take your average posters and make them writers for a blog.  That's basically what BR is, as I understand it.  If there's a ridiculous rumor running around the sports world, there's a good chance it originated or was propagated through Bleacher Report.  Probably even from a "featured columnist", a designation which seems to be meaningless.

4.  AOL-Fanhouse

An irrelevant Bleacher Report wannabe featuring Clay Travis.  All you need to know. And come on... America Online became irrelevant over 10 years ago.

5.  Mgoblog- Brian Cook's Michigan blog

HORRIBLE site design and Brian Cook.  However, when Rich Rod finally gets axed, it should be good for some lulz.

Honorable mentions: because of the posters

TET.  Weak content compared to other SBN blogs plus all the boogs the congregate there.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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