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1st off, congrats to the fine folks of RBR Todd, Nico, OTS, Pete, Matt and Kleph for all yalls hard work. Looks like it's paying off.

Roll Bama Roll just tallied its busiest month ever, eclipsing even January of this year. Thanks everyone! And keep checking in this season.

You guys are seriously the best evah and RBR is the only place I go to get news on our boys in Crimson.

Now, with 6 painful days until actual glorious football once again graces our lives and with the hearing that RBR had its biggest month ever, Skycaster had a good idea..With so many new faces around, we should have a thread where new members could say hello, tell us old folks a little about themselves and get all that awkwardness out of the way before the real fun starts.

Now, some new guys have already made their presence known..Im looking at you UAyeroc25 :) but others have yet to come out of their shell. (Just wait till the first game thread where Bama is actually losing. For some posters, humpty dumpty will never be put back together after what is said) Anyways, consider this the RBR "Pull up a bar stool and stay awhile" thread...Where advice is given and received and hopefully everyone speaks with a polite tongue...

As a long time member of RBR, the one piece of advice I can give any new comer would be to take it nice and slow (Yes, yes i know that's what SHE said)...A lot of us have been around for a while and we sometimes don't take nice to strangers. We try our best but more often than not, good guys who are just over zealous come across as trolls and are handled without care...So its best just to hang around a little before you get all "WAAA WHOOO!!!!" Just sayin. Oh and don't feed the trolls or Pete...It's a lose lose situation...

So new guys/gals tell us a little about yourself. Even if you've been hanging around for while but have yet to open up. And old farts, give your advice to the newbies on how best to handle oneself on RBR.

And remember, we are all a family, so lets start acting like one...


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