Bama vs. Penn St. comments and some questions

The Tailgate Scene:

Went to the Penn St game and I'll admit it was the first time in many years that I was able to attend a marquee matchup. A few things I noticed around campus.

  • WOW - TONS of people I know it was a sellout but does anybody have an idea as to how many people didn't have tickets but tailgated? That was a huge crowd.
  • Penn St fans - Overall I thought they were pretty good but... There was one PSU tailgate(seemed to be mostly students) on the quad side that was completely trashed. Broken bottles, vomit, tons of trash...Not cool.

The Game:

We gave up three points BUT - it seemed like BAMA's D was out out of position A LOT - overrunning the play in the backfield, many failed arm tackles, etc. Very rookie-ish from players who have experience. Also, is our pass rush that dependent on Dareus?

Tackliing - Where did our tackling ability go? I lost count of the number of defenders who were out of position and tried to arm tackle. Lack of experience?

Pass defense - Was it really that bad or am I just blowing this out of proportion? Looked like we gave up a lot of space numerous times.

Dre K. - Dre's coming off to me as a HUGE showboat. That episode where he broke up one pass and did a dance like he just got a TD - also lost the ball when trying to scoop and run instead of falling on it. Not good. Dre needs to grow up FAST.

Chance Warmack - Would not want to be that kid this week. Holding, false start, false start - film review will be fun for him.

Trent - UNREAL - the guy is a tank, a freaking force of nature. My only concern is that someone doesn't try to cheap shot his knee while he's moving the pile for that extra 1-2 yards.

Hightower - Looked like he was gasping for air and has lost a few steps. He's not his old self yet.

So in summary - very happy with the win, but many questions still lurking. At this point my money is that Duke gives up alot of points but gets some major pass yardage on us - giving Arky a good bluprint of how to dissect our secondary.

We better grow up QUICK on D or the Aky game is going to be a shootout.

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