No RBR Radio Hour(ish)?

Maybe I missed an earlier note, but I would've thought one would be up during the normal time of the RBR Radio Hour(ish) to let folks know it's not happening. Maybe I'm just losing my mind. In fact, I'm pretty sure I am because I will not be watching the game this weekend. I WILL, however, be LISTENING on Sirius Satellite Radio to Eli Gold and the gang. I am hosting some folks this weekend on River Rage, my 1990 Sea Ray Sundancer 350 on Lake Allatoona

Anyway, since I know you guys can't go a week without Dr. BamaFrazier's insightful commentary (or, inane ramblings, ... whatever), here are my thoughts on the game. I think we win, and we win big. I know, I know, I'm one of the guys whining about our poor secondary play over the last couple of weeks. But, I'm also one of the guys who has seen Arky play a few times this season and been thorougly unimpressed. Here's the way I look at it:

1) Is Arkansas' offense better than last year? Yes. Mallett has another year under his belt, and they have good wide receivers, and the team has another year learning and practicing the Petrino offense.

2) Is Bama's defense as good as last year? No. At least, not yet. We've gone over the lack of a pass rush and inexperience in the secondary, so let's not go over that again. We have some growing to do.

BUT ...

1) Is Bama's offense better than last year? Hell, yes! We are much more balanced, with more depth, and all of our playmakers (including Julio) are healthy.

2) Is Arky's defense better than last year? Hell, no! If anything, they may be worse. How the hell do you lose control of a game and let the hapless UGA Bulldogs offense get them back in the game in the 4th quarter? You suck, Arky defense; you just suck.

SO ... as I see it.

1) Arky should probably score a few more points than they did last year (ahem, ... all of 7).

2) Bama should score even more than we did last year (ahem, again ... thirty-freakin'-five!).

In summary, if you'll pardon the grammar, our offense is more better than theirs than our defense is more worse. Or, our defense is less worse than our offense is more better ... Or, ... aw, hell with it.

Bama: 42,  Arky: 21

Roll TIDE!

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