This is a not good USC team

Okay, so it's not Alabama, and I apologize. However, it's 5 hours early here (if you're on God's proper Central time) and I have the benefit of A) sobriety, B) a critical Southern eye, and C) the willingness to watch all of USC v. Hawaii.

In short, this post is yet more haterade, directed at -- specifically -- the USC Trojans. Herein are reasons why the TROGANS will suck this year.

1. USC, with a wealth of returning talent, has chosen to start (via its doofus in chief) a shitload of freshmen. As if it were necessary? Sure, there are always holes to plug, but it seems as though Kiffin is intent on paying off promises to recruits than on actually performing. So f'n clever it hurts, I'm sure.

2. This USC defense is not at all good. It is readily gassed. And, it is a sign of poor discipline. C'mon, really? Honolulu has roughly the same climate as L.A., yet, in the 2d quarter SC defenders were sucking air. Also, they are very prone to the deep ball, they do not tackle well, they do not read the play well in front of them, and they seem so unprepared for the most elementary of plays (e.g., draw on 3rd and 22).

3. The SC defense does not force turnovers. As I write, but one TO has been forced, and it was by Hawai'i. Despite UH carrying the ball like a loaf of bread, and pall mall tossing it into double coverage, I've seen one pass defensed by the Trogans.

4. Lane is hellbound to prove he's a genius. USC has been absolutely dominant against the undermanned, undersized Warriors, averaging about 8 yards per carry. Yet, up by two TDs what does Kiffykins do? Go to the air. Sure, the Warrior D sucks. And it is a very typical WAC secondary. But why, for the love of God, with all the ref calls in your favor, would, you take anymore chances? Pound the rock, get out unimpressively, but win.

5. And, all of these, every last one of these, goes to coaching. Kiffin clearly is in charge of this team; these calls; these starters. Teams always reflect their coaches. If that is the case, then UH is a scrappy, underwhelming band of speedy fighters. While USC, is, as their coach, an egomaniacal squad of poorly disciplined, poorly conditioned, braggart-ridden schmucks.

SITP's Prediction? Here in the 4th Q, it is now 42-30 USC. But, this game doesn't matter. In the long run, this group of Trogans loses _at least_ 4 games in the regular season PAC 10.


So, USC fan, hope you enjoyed the ill-gotten ride. It only gets worse from here...and, yes, I'll be here all year. And next. And next. And next.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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