As a Floridian I really want this game.


I was born in Alabama, but at the age of 5 my parents forced me to move to Florida where I received most of my education (college at UCF) before eventually moving to GA at age 22. Thus I am a Floridian of sorts, and Saturday’s game means a lot to me personally. I’d like to share why I want to beat Florida soooo bad.

1. The Florida Fans: Right up there with UT and AU fans as far as being obnoxious. However, the Gator fans can actually be mean. In the 2008 SECCG a Gator fan sitting directly behind me used their scoring a TD as an opportunity to poor his beer all over me. As we left that game I was pelted with packets of sugar. This is just typical of the Gators I grew up with in Florida. The video circulating this week highlighting Prothro’s injury is another example of a classless fan base. And, if you go to a game at Florida, watch out, they will urinate on you. I am not kidding.

2. The Florida Thugs (Players): These guys are first and foremost just a bunch of thugs. Since Myer’s arrival around 30 players have been arrested and that doesn’t count the ones who got off without arrest. From Spikes trying to poke out a UGA players eye to the cheap shot on one of our lineman at the end of the 2008 game these guys are just dirty. By the way the great Tebow never spoke out against their dirty play when asked about his buddy Spikes..

3. Urban Myer: Now (with the departure of Kiffin) my least favorite SEC coach. I think he is fake. I think he teaches dirty play. I think he is totally in love with Urban. And, I think he loves to run up the score at every chance. You need to look no further than Burton scoring 6 TD’s last week in a blow out. That is running it up.

I don’t believe a thing this guy says...ever.

4. Orange: I hate this color. Always have, always will.

5. Gainesville: In college I dated a girl at UF. I hated going there to take her out. Their stadium is named "The Swamp" for good reason. That is what this town is, a swamp. I broke it off with this girl because I just couldn’t stand to be around Gainesville anymore.

6. The Legend of Tebow: Well he is gone but his legend lives on. I can promise you Danielson will say Tim Tebow at least 20 times Sat. And the truth is Tebow is not the greatest college football player ever, he is not even the greatest player to play at UF. I’d take Smith or Wuerffel over Tebow any day. But UF has almost deified the great Timmy Tebow, who actually won ONE NC.

So these are just some of the reasons I want to win this game Sat. Anyone care to tell why you want to win this game?

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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