The SEC Is Weak(er)

I've never been one of those "SEC! SEC! SEC!" type fans. My dislike/ hate for Auburn, UT, LSU, UF etc makes it hard to pull for said teams during OOC games. I pulled for UNC last night and you better believe i was a huge Jville State fan yesterday. I've lived all over the south and have endured many a tongue lashing from SEC fanbases and to me, they deserve every humiliating loss that comes their way. Thomas Walker esq said it best "Karma is a M'fer". What I'm trying to say is that though Bama plays in the SEC and yes I'm a fan of Alabama, that doesn't mean im a SEC homer and can't see the truth....

And wha'ts the truth? The SEC is the weakest it's been in a long, long time.

Yes I know the SEC holds the last 4 BCS National Championships but I think we'd all agree at least that the LSU win wasn't was given. And if you look at the league as a whole this year its not hard to see the weaknesses.

LSU is bad. They have a ton of talent but poor coaching will do them in. They damn near gave up a 21 point lead to a team who was lacking 13 of its best players. If it weren't for special teams last night, they probably lose that game.

Ole Miss is TERRIBLE. No pass defense, the oline is their weakest link and once again, they have no identity on offense. Their one strong point is their D-line but they gave up 103 yards on the ground and an average of 3.1 yrds per carry. Kleph might be right and they could play with reckless abandon but it won't be enough. Nutt will be fired soon.

UF needs work and should be a top 10 team at years end but they are not the same. They just seemed lost.

UGA looks better but time will tell. That 3-4 D looked good though. Their problem will be in starting a freshMAN QB.

Auburn still has no defense. The offense is still gimicky and Chizik is still their coach.

USC looks better. Next week will tell us a lot.

UK, MSU and Vandy all look to be about the same as a year ago. MSU looks to be the most improved.

Arkansas is a toss up. With no D, that offense will have to be lights out each and every game, which won't last.

UT will get destroyed next week and will be brought back down to earth.

So again, this is not a great conference. It's still top heavy with Bama and UF leading the way but the 2010 SEC reminds me a lot of the 09 Big 12. Two really good teams on top and a lot of average, to below average teams filling up the rest.

Who's the best conference right now? Im not 100% sure its the SEC. IMO, no conference looks to be amazing.

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