Nothing Good Comes From Auburn's Win...NOTHING!!

Well I’ve already heard from some Alabama fans saying "Well, it is not so bad that Auburn won. After all the SEC now has 5 in row." Or, some even saying "It makes the state look good." Let me tell you this is all a bunch of crap. Nothing good will come from this win, nothing.

First. About this SEC stuff. People, we don’t go to the University of the SEC. We don’t get together will all the other SEC schools and pick an all star team to play the Pac 10. We are in the SEC not because we love all these other schools, but just because our school is located near their school...period. That is it! And that is why they started the whole thing. It was not that we all loved each other, it was just out of convenience. But the real truth is having a powerful conference actually hurts our NC hopes. Year in a year out Ohio St has a better shot at the NC than does Bama. Now that Auburn has won it that just makes the conference that much harder to win. It was bad enough when LSU got good, now here comes another good team.

Second. This has got to hurt our life blood- recruiting. Who do we recruit against? Auburn! Well until this year we could tell a kid "Come to Bama and you can win a NC." Now, Auburn can tell them the same thing. And, although I can’t prove it Auburn is paying players and we aren’t. So a kid can get some cash and a ring or just get a ring. You tell me what he is going to chose. By the way, we were way ahead of Auburn in recruiting this year but now I’d expect them to close fast, steal maybe even some more of our commits, and finish with a top 5 class. Just watch. They got the ring and they got the money.

Third. I’m tired of hearing that a strong Auburn will make the Iron Bowl a better game etc. I’m not interested in a good game. My idea of a good game was 2008. I can promise you during their 6 year run they were not hoping we got better so it would be a better game.

Fourth. This does not help the State of Alabama look better. Have you seen the way the Auburn team acts? Frankly, I cut the TV off after the FG because I was literally sick. But, every game this year they are jumping in the stands and running around acting like a bunch of thugs. And, on the field, do we want to be known as the state the knees people in the groin or jerks the other players heads when they are down? If I saw Bama players doing this kind of stuff I would never wear Crimson in public. Auburn makes the State of Alabama look like a bunch of thug/punk hoodlums.

Fifth. Don’t be thinking "Auburn is going to get punished." They are not. You see Auburn has figured out, after being caught several times, that the way to keep from getting caught is to never turn your self in, deny all charges, and pay in cash. Then the only way to get caught is to have one of your players turn you in. So, make it a family, keep everyone happy, and the NCAA can do nothing to you because they will never know you did anything. The NCAA is not the FBI that is going to wire tap, use plants, and strong interrogation. And, by Auburn winning it all this just encourages more cheating, not only by them, but by others. Meanwhile, Saban will not stand for cheating, so we actually end up behind a lot of folks by trying to be clean.

Sixth. Don’ t think, "Well this isn’t so bad because next year they will do like Texas." I’d say that is unlikely. Malzahn is really a factor. Now they are learning to play D. Their back up qb is pretty good and they have a great rb. I suspect Auburn will be ranked top 5 preseason and ahead of Bama. But, even if they fall off a bit next year, this NC does lift their program a great deal. The benefits to their program will be felt for 5 years at least. I would not be surprised if this spring they announce plans to expand their stadium to 100,000. They know that we can hold that over them and now they are feeling their oats they will try it. And, they will increase season ticket sales dramatically. They will even up their enrollment next year...just watch.

Finally, coming the year after our NC this does take away from us a bit. Sure, we still have a 13-2 lead, but they have the most recent one. They can’t take our memories, but if you live with them they are going to be terrible to live with for a long, long, time. Personally, I wish I lived in a foreign country right now.

Alright, to all of you who think this win was somehow good for the Crimson Tide, I’d like you to take a minute and tell me how it is good.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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