Who Was Right? 2010 Predictions Gone Very Wrong

Back on Sept. 1st I posted a challange, pick the winner from each conference, the heisman winner and eventual National Champion and we would check back at the end of the season to see who was dumb....Well the time has come. As usual I rule all.. You can see the original post here.

Here were mine..


West- Bama East- UF

Winner: Bama


Atlantic- FSU Coastal- Va Tech

Winner: FSU

Big 10



Oregon St.- .

Big 12

North- Nebraska- South- Oklahoma- .

Winner: Nebraska



Some hits and a few misses there..Actually besides the mid majors I didn't get a single conference winner right...But i had at least the division winners right for a few. What i really missed on was the NC game and Heisman winner. (Ponder? What was i thinking?) funny thing..I didn't see a single person pick Auburn..on a Bama site..IM SHOCKED.

I had to LOL at 5026's pick for Clemson winning the ACC and Texas winning the Big 12..

Todaddy had I think 3 conference winners right but missed of course on the NC.

jtcrimson picked UGA to win the cute.

Thomas Walker at least had Oregon winning the Pac-10...but was wrong saying no one goes undefeated out there.

Worst prediction of the thread?....yeah i said this..

Texas is the sleeper in the B10 south.

 They are pretty much in the same boat as OU. Lost a lot of guys from both sides of the ball and big time contributers to boot..The Big 12 should be a lot of fun to watch this year.

Bumpjon was pretty close but his picks dont count since he picked multiple choices for each conference :)

Worst BCS prediction? TexaninNYC

Rose Bowl: Ohio State over Oregon
Fiesta Bowl: TCU over Iowa
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech over Connecticut
Sugar Bowl: Florida over Texas
BCSNCG: Alabama over Oklahoma


Anyways...just by looking at it you can tell we are all geniuses and should be getting paid for our immense amount of knowledge... 

Anyone want to stab at early predictions for the spring games?

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