Best QB in the SEC next year?

Ok so here is my random "Its not football season" post.

Who will be the best QB in the SEC next year?

You cant go wrong with returning "proven" starters, Garcia Relf or Aaron Murray. I believe that of this group, Aaron Murray is the only true "week in week out" QB. Seems like he brings the same thing to every game.

There are also a ton of new guys next year. Mettenberger at LSU, whatever Florida will put on the field, McCarron/Simms, Ole boy from Arkansas that played decent against Auburn when Mallet went down. I am not one to buy into hype with QB's. I think until they prove that they can play in the SEC, then all it is is just hype. (Look at Star Jackson). But that being said, what I am hearing down here on the Bayou is that this Mettenberger kid is the real deal (Though I am convinced that most of this is because they cant really remember what real QB play is like.) (But three years of what they have gone through would do that to anyone. 

My opinion is, 

1. Aaron Murray (Proven talent)

2. Zach Mettenberger (Because of hype)

3. Garcia (Gross)

4. McCarron/Simms (I am hoping I am low-balling them a little)

5. Trotter (only because whatever wizardry Malzahn is up to seems to be gay ("not cool" kind of gay) enough to work)

6. Chris Relf (The fact he plays at Miss St. keeps him lower on the list)

7. Tyler Bray (Couldnt think of where else to put him)

8. Whoever Florida throws out there (The fact he plays at Florida gets him higher on the list)

9. Arkansas QB (The fact I dont know his name is reason enough he is this low)

10/11/12. Kentucky, Ole Miss, Vandy (in descending crappy-betical order)


What do ya'll think? Please correct me where I am mistaken.

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