What's Worse? (With a poll and stuff)

BTW, totally stole this from Mike & Mike but I don't care

So what system is worse?

A 12-0 TCU team being left out of the National Championship picture or a 7-9 Seahawks team hosting the 11-5 Saints team?

At first glance you have to go with TCU just because they didn't even have a chance to play for the Championship...But at least in college football a 7-9 team wouldn't even be playing in a bowl game, not to mention having to a chance at the Super Bowl.

TCU still got paid like never before and I didn't see any complaints from their fanbase after the Rose Bowl win. Unlike Utah and Boise, the TCU faithful seemed happy to be there and thankful they had a chance to show the world they could hang with the "big boys", even if those biggins were from the Little 10.

If i were a Saints fan I'd be happy as hell. Your #5 seed gets to play a 7-9 #4 seed. Sounds good to me. Going a step further, every other NFL playoff team should be pissed as hell. The Saints are getting a 1st round pass and could face the Bears in round two. Seriously, if i were a Pats fan id be looking at the Steelers, Ravens, KC etc. and saying to myself, "WTF? This can't be right."

Yet, thats the system the NFL has. It's a system that a lot of people in the college football want but you have to ask yourself, is it that much better? I get that a team going undefeated but being shut out of the NC game is a travesty. But is it fair to allow a 8-5 UConn team, who got manhandled by Michigan, a chance at the title? Or a a VT team who lost to James Madison the same shot?

I say no. What say you?

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