Tennessee Hate Thread (Rated R)

I'm sure almost every thread this week will be spewing with hate toward the viles. After all, hating Tennessee is something we Bama fans do on a second by second basis. THEY LOW DOWN. So I figured having one thread to pour all your hate, anger and anguish towards those in puke orange would be a fantastic idea..


For newcomers, this could get ugly. If you are offended by rough language this may not be the thread for you. Im not suggesting or promoting the use of potty words but when it comes to Tennessee, everything goes. This is also not something we do very often here but again, its Tennessee..And to UT fans reading this thread, this is all in good fun. Remember this is an ALABAMA blog. Don't get butt hurt by what you read. After all, at this point you should be use to it. So continue reading at your own risk..



Well starting off, from a young age my father (a life long Kentucky fan) taught me to hate Tennessee. On trips from Mobile to Louisville, we would always stop in Huntsville, fill up with gas/ snacks and we would not stop again till we hit the Kentucky boarder. Seriously, Im pretty sure if the car was on fire my dad would have kept driving.

Secondly, I lived in that wretched hick state for 3 years. Yes, my father, the same guy wouldn't waste his spit on Tennessee, moved us there for a job. I lived in Burns, TN for 3 years...It was by far the worst 3 years of my life. Not only did we lose to UT each year I lived there, i was also there during the Payton Manning years AND the NC in 1998. My blood pressure is raising just thinking about it. I remember giving the state a HUGE middle finger when we crossed out of Tennessee and back to Alabama for the final time..

The arrogance of the UT toothless was beyond absurd. It was during those years when I truly let hate take over..Consider me on the 'dark side' now as I have let the hate FLOW through me. I live it..I breathe it. I HATE THE EVER LOVING PISS OUT OF TENNESSEE..And always will.

I hate their colors, the entire state, their women, men and the children they raise to be vile fans. The only good thing in the state of Tennessee are the ALABAMA fans who are forced to live there. I pray for your souls every night (the Alabama fans NOT the UT scum)

I won't let my child wear anything orange. If my wife buys me anything with a hint of orange in it I refuse to wear it. My co-workers know me as the guy who hates Tennessee and dislike Auburn..After all, at least Auburn is located in Alabama..

I hate that they have taken a great breed of dog and ruined it for all Alabama fans..I hate that they have a fucking redneck "navy" outside their stadium. I hate that I have to drive through Tennessee to get to my family in Kentucky and yes, I will continue my fathers tradition..

I hate Tennessee...So..freaking much. I want nothing but bad things to happen to all their sports teams..Karma is a cruel bitch and they deserve every terrible, awful (besides death) thing that happens to them..

I can't stress this enough..I HATE TENNESSEE.

And by all means...Continue the hate..

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