New NCAA Changes and Their Potential Effect on the Tide

The NCAA officially approved some changes and since we're in a bye week and we're all suppose to "rest up" this week, I wanted to see what folks thought about how this could affect the Crimson Tide. Here's the rundown of the changes, according to this.

1. Conferences can vote on whether to allow an additional $2,000 in cash to go to each student athlete to help with the "full cost-of-attendance". Title IX would make this have to apply to all sports (including women).

I think this will certainly benefit the BCS conferences in recruiting, since we can all pretty much afford it. But I don't think it gives us a "leg up" in the conference or national title pictures, since most of the important schools will be able to do this as well (assuming all the BCS conferences do this along with the SEC). If one BCS conference does it, I would expect the rest of the BCS conferences to follow suit.

2. Individual schools can decide whether or not to adopt a multi-year scholarship system, instead of the current year-by-year scholarship which can be repealed at any time (at least by July 30th for the following year).

Not sure how important this will be. But I think that schools that decide to offer the multi-year scholarship will have an advantage over schools that stick to the year-by-year offers. It might not hurt us that bad in that the top-shelf recruits will probably know they'll get the scholarship every year, but if we don't adopt this and some other SEC schools do, that could give them an advantage in recruiting. However, if we do adopt it, we're stuck with a kid, whether he shines or busts.

3. The APR will increase to 930 by 2017 for all FBS schools (including bowls).

Not gonna affect us really if we maintain our currect APR level.

4. High school recruits must have a minimum 2.3 GPA (up from 2.0) in 16 core courses (at least 10 of them before their senior year in H.S.) while Junior College transfers must maintain a 2.5 GPA, as well as limiting the amount of credits that physical education classes can be counted toward this.

I'm not sure how this may affect us. It will affect other areas as well, but it would be interesting to see which states produce more athletes that meet these new standards. If taken into account on a state-by-state basis, this could either hinder us or help us, depending on what our those results show in our targeted recruiting areas (specifically the state of Alabama).

5. For basketball, the April dead period would end and coaches would be allowed 4 evaluation days in April, but only 12 in July (down from 20). Also, the text message ban will be lifted and more contact with their current players over the summer will be allowed.

No idea, but it seems to be a good thing to be able to have an evaluation period in April.

Any of you guys that are more knowledgeable about this stuff care to weigh in? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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