Les Miles and a Voodoo Conspiracy


Ok, at the risk of losing what little credibility I may have on this blog I’m going to broach the subject of Les Miles and Voodoo.




To begin with you must understand Voodoo. Voodoo is actual a religion of sprit worship that was imported from Africa to the new world by the salve trade. Although most Westerners think it is all a bunch of superstition the people who practice it think it is for real. Furthermore, even though I am a Christian, I believe there is a possibility of spirits interacting with people and events. I know it sounds crazy but who knows. At any rate the center of Voodoo practice in America is in Louisiana. And, I can promise you the practice of this religion in that state is very much alive.

Now, I do not think Les Miles is practicing this religion. But, what could be happening is that these Voodoo practitioners may have found a guy in Les Miles that is, unknown even to Les, closely tied to the tradition of Voodoo. You see, if Les had some bizarre connections to Voodoo, even though he is unaware, to Voodoo practitioners then Les would become a sort of medium through which spells could be cast. My purpose here is to show that there actually are some weird connections between Les Miles and Voodoo.

Well, let’s consider some of these strange connections. To begin with the person who really established Voodoo in Louisiana was a woman named Maire Laveau (Sept 10, 1794- June 16, 1881.) Right away when you look at this woman’s name you see that her initials are M&L. Les Miles initials are L&M. Furthermore, if you take the name Lester Miles and match it up you see that he has the exact same number of letters in the M name and the L name. Ok, you say, but the first and last names don’t match, she is ML and he is LM. However, in spirit worship, men and women are considered opposite in spirit. So to match their initials you would flip them. In other words a woman ML and a man LM would be a match in spirit worship. And, again they match in the number of letters in their two names.

I also find it interesting that Les was born 72 years after Laveau died. In spirit religions numbers have special meaning. 72 is an important number because it is half of 144. In Judaism and Christianity 144 is the ultimate perfect number (12x12.) But, half of that number would be the ultimate imperfection. Obviously Voodoo and Christianity are at odds. So, 72 holds a special meaning for Voodoo practitioners and as you will see for Les Miles. Why, Les Miles even graduated from high school in the class guessed it–72.

Another oddity is their birth dates. Les was born November 10, and Laveau was born Sept. 10. What is the big deal other than they both were born on the 10th of a month? Well, there are only 4 months (April, June, Sept., and Nov. ) in the calendar which can be divided by 3 and by 2, they have 30 days. These months are considered perfect months. Les and Laveau are both on the 10th of a month divisible by 3 and by 2- perfect months. In other words, in spirit religions, their birth dates would be linked.

In order to further understand Louisiana Voodoo you have to understand that in this present day Louisiana or New Orleans Voodoo is tied to the New Orleans Spiritual Churches. These are a group of churches in New Orleans that practice spirit religion which is basically voodoo. The heart and soul of New Orleans Spiritual Churches, and thus the heart of New Orleans Voodoo, is the honoring of the native American Spirit Black Hawk. Black Hawk, in real life, was one the of the most well known native Americans of the 1800's. But in Voodoo he is a spirit that is worshiped.

Surprisingly there are some strange ties between Les Miles and Black Hawk. Ok, this is going to get crazy, but just think about some of this. To begin with Les was born in Elyria, Ohio in Nov. of 1953. Elyria is a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. The year of Les’ birth, that next baseball season, the Cleveland INDIANS set an American League record that still stands today. Their record-the highest winning percentage ever. That winning percentage–you guessed it 72%.

That is right. The year Les was born just a short drive from the Cleveland Stadium the Indians set a record for highest win percentage at 72. Now the Indian on the Cleveland Cap is actually a drawing and his made up name is Wahoo. But, if you look closely at the drawing it has a very similar to pictures of the real Black Hawk. Furthermore, if you take Black Hawk’s name and assign it a number, based on assigning each letter in the name a number such as 1 for A, 2 for B, etc (a common practice in spirit religion) and then add up all of the numbers it comes out guessed it 72.

Furthermore, Black Hawk was born in Rock Island, Ill, near the 41st parallel, Les Miles was born in Ohio near the 41st parallel. Oh yeah, Les’ high school team back in Ohio, The Pioneers. Obviously the pioneers were trying to drive the native Americans, like Black Hawk, off his land.

Well, in 1830 Black Hawk was forced off his land and then conspired with the British to rebel against the US in what came to be known as the Black Hawk War. He was eventually subdued in WISCONSIN by the....MICHIGAN Militia. Black Hawk died a few years after this in IOWA. The location of his bones, an important part of ritual spirit worship, has become somewhat mystery although reports are that two men, a Dr. Lowe and Dr. McLaurens (L&M) came into possession of the bones and then the bones whereabouts are unknown. It probably means little but while Les was playing at Michigan they never lost to Wisconsin, Illinois, or Iowa. Black Hawk had been involved in the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa. Les is tied to Michigan and Pioneers in Ohio. In other words Les’ spirit would be connected, yet dominate over Black Hawk’s spirit. Being dominate over the spirit worshiped in Voodoo would make you important.

So, is there really a tie between Black Hawk and Les Miles? Is there really a tie between Les Miles and Maire Laveau? Is Les Miles in some bizarre way linked to the practitioners to Louisiana Voodoo? Are there people practicing Voodoo who are trying to put a spell on teams playing LSU and using Les Miles as a sort of medium?

Well personally I find it hard to believe that Les Miles is linked in any way to Voodoo. Furthermore, I find it hard to believe that even if he were linked that Voodoo could have anything to do with the outcome of a football game. But, I can promise you that all the stuff I’ve mentioned here about Les and a possible link, those who practice Voodoo already know all of this.

Finally, although I don’t believe any of it, if Voodoo was involved, if there was even some small amount of power, it sure would explain how this guy gets so lucky. But, at last his luck may be about to run out.

You see Les Miles all time coaching record after last Saturday’s game is 98-38. That equals guessed it 72.05 %. I mean Les is sitting squarely on 72%. But if he wins Sat. and then runs the table he will be 104-38. That equals 73.2%. If however he loses to Bama, and then wins out he will be 102-39 which is 72.3%. Personally I think things line up for Les to finish this year at 72.3%


By the way Black Hawk’s Indian name is "Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak." Now it seems I’ve heard Les say something like that before in a news conference.

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