Will There be a BCS Conspiracy?

I know we are not halfway through the season yet, but I'm already getting paranoid about the possibility of multiple teams winning out. See if this makes sense:

Big 12 - Don't see Oklahoma losing. Texas isn't there and Okie St. doesn't do defense. The Sooners stay undefeated.

Big 10 - Pretty laughable conference this year, but they are an AQ conference and therefore pose a threat. I don't see Wisconsin losing. Could happen, buth the odds are long.

Pac 12 - Oregon has their loss (Thanks LSU!), but Stanford has the Ducks and Notre Dame at home. Stanford has the most risk of picking up a loss.

Boise will get left out regardless due to their weak schedule.

SEC - LSU and Bama have the best odds to get out unscathed, but one of them picks up a loss on November 5th. That leaves the other to get out of the regular season plus the conference championship game undefeated. It's doable but what are the odds? I would think the SEC has more landmines and potential upsets than any other conference.

Here's where it gets ugly - the Coaches' Poll. IF the SEC team picks up a loss, I fully expect those outside of the SEC to vote for the undefeateds within their conference vs. a 1 loss SEC team. So I would expect the PAC to go 1 for their team and 2 for Big 12 or Big 10 and vice versa for the Big 12/Big 10. Bet the house that NO ONE in the Big 10 wants to see the SEC in another BCS game.

So end result? If we pickup one loss and two teams from the Big 12, 10 or PAC stays undefeated, we're out. These scenarios don't even factor the ACC/Clemson run. If Clemson stays unbeaten - total chaos reigns.

Of course all can be avoided IF we don't pick up a loss - but if we do, I sincerely believe we will have an '04 all over again - AND THAT FLAT OUT STINKS!

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