The Friday night WHO CARES football thread. TV listings and bonus belittle Destindune ritual.

So being the superstitious sort of fan and I KNOW most of you are.  I was going to scrap this after last weeks unfortunate format error but I got a kick out of some of the "comments" from the RBR faithful.  Turns out I am convinced along with my little girls cheerleader outfit this is impacting the teams play somehow.

So with that in mind this will continue with the no rules for the normal game threads by the power vested in me (which is none what so ever).  Don't get yourself banned.

I'm including the TV listings some like it (Spock just imagine Coach C. is yelling the list at you if you like).

But the biggest reason is the "ribbing" some of you have been giving me on this post for weeks now so I propose we make this relative to the game.  Since this week should not take much I don't have high expectations but by all means get your inner child(ish) behavior whipped up into a frenzy as the harder games approach and let loose.

Friday, October 07, 2011
8:00PM     ESPN         #5 Boise State @ Fresno State
Saturday, October 08, 2011
11:00AM     ABC         #3 Oklahoma vs. #11 Texas
11:00AM     WJTC         Kentucky @ #18 South Carolina
11:00AM     WJTC         Kentucky @ #18 South Carolina
11:00AM     ESPN         Minnesota @ Purdue
11:00AM     ESPN2         Louisville @ North Carolina
11:00AM     FSFL         Mississippi State @ UAB
11:00AM     Cox Sports     Connecticut @ #16 West Virginia
11:00AM     ESPNU     Maryland @ #13 Georgia Tech
11:30AM     WFNA         #23 FSU @ Wake Forest
2:00PM     SUN         Boston College @ #8 Clemson
2:30PM     ABC         Miami (FL) @ #21 Virginia Tech
2:30PM     CBS         #17 Florida @ #1 LSU
2:30PM     NBC         Air Force @ Notre Dame
2:30PM     ESPN         Iowa @ Penn State
2:30PM     FSFL         #22 Arizona State @ Utah
2:30PM     FCSA         Gannon @ California (Pa)
2:30PM     FCSP         Arizona @ Oregon State
2:30PM     ESPNU     Pitt @ Rutgers
2:30PM     CBS Sports     Southern Mississippi @ Navy
5:30PM     FCSA         Eastern Washington @ Northern Arizona
6:00PM     ESPN         #15 Auburn @ #10 Arkansas
6:00PM     FX         #24 Texas A&M @ Texas Tech
6:00PM     ESPN2         Georgia @ Tennessee
6:00PM     FSFL         Iowa State @ #25 Baylor
6:00PM     CBS Sports     East Carolina @ Houston
6:00PM     ESPNU     Vanderbilt @ #2 Alabama
6:30PM     Versus         Colorado @ #7 Stanford
7:00PM     ABC         Ohio State @ #14 Nebraska
7:00PM     Cox Sports     Syracuse @ Tulane
9:15PM     ESPNU     San Jose State @ BYU
9:30PM     SUN         Washington State @ UCLA
9:30PM     FSFL          Washington State @ UCLA
9:30PM     CBS Sports     TCU @ San Diego State

So go Bulldogs tonight and Roll Tide!

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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