November Notes

Rematch-BCS stuff

I am not sure of anyone else, but this season seems all but over.  Losing to LSU just sucked and I could care less about playing in a BCS bowl game other than the championship.  On a good note, I like having disappointment with Saban level standards versus being happy with Mike Shula level standards.  Remember being "happy" when we won the Cotton Bowl over Texas Tech?

Regarding a rematch, we know if Ok St. wins out and it's done.  Beyond that, voters (Fox-ESPN) are going to go for a rematch, but it will be Oregon before Bama.  Oregon is just too cute with all of there unis and their offense and there fat coach and the fact that Phil Knight wants it.

And, just being honest, if we could have not made only one of about 6 critical errors against LSU, we win.  Had that occurred, I certainly wouldn't want to face them again, so why should they want us again?  They know how good we are.

Finally, has anyone noticed how LSU has quietly become the new Miami?  Seriously, Schnelly showed up in the mid 80s and awakened UM and let Johnson and others turn them into THE team:  Nat. Championships, NFL rosters at every position, intimidation, criminals.  Saban shows up at perennial underachiever and unlocks a monster that, if things continue this season, will have won three NCs in 9 years.  I haven't checked but I can't think of a school that has produced as many really good players as LSU over the last decade.  O and D linemen, RBs, DBs and a ton of wideouts.  Oh, and they are loaded with criminals (Perriloux, Russell, Jefferson, Mathieaux, ) I am not happy about this, but it just occurred yesterday how quietly dominant they have become. 


Moving forward:

During spring and summer camps, we heard about Blake Sims working with the offense.  Why isn't he running our wildcat package?  Worse, why wasn't he the QB on the infamous trick play against LSU? 

Our offense is a one-man team.  This isn't saying that some of the young pieces won't become great, but right now, with the exception of Richardson (and with Jones injured), this offense is more similar to Tennessee than I care to contemplate.  While the NFL is no longer a RB league, TR will be a game changer wherever he goes.

Not that it matters, but I am am guessing that the "experts" will have Bama picked as the 3rd or 4th best SEC team next year.  LSU returns everyone except their crappy criminal QB who will be replaced by a competent criminal QB.  Arky returns a load of talent.  UGA has a budding star at QB.  Thus, while this just shows how disappointing the last week's loss was, it also opens up the possibility for CNS to pull off another 2008 recruiting class.  This winter's recruiting is critical because the cupboard is bare (relative to Saban level of expectations).

Will Kirby Smart be the DC next season or will he get hired away?  I know it seems like I am spending a lot of time on LSU, but why isn't John Chavis ever mentioned as a HC candidate?

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