We Need To Take Ga. Southern Seriously


Ok, I know everybody has already put this one in the win column. But, I live in South Ga and I can promise you Ga Southern does have a football team. And, although it would be the biggest upset this year I do not think it is absolutely totally 100% impossible for us to lose Sat. Last year we played Ga. State and that game was 100% impossible to lose. This year we play a Ga Southern team much more capable than Ga. State.

To begin with they run the option. Since we never see the option it will take some adjusting and some extra planning. And, if we are not sharp they could eat up some clock running the option and keep their D off the field.

Secondly, they have played big teams before and they won’t be in that much awe. Going back to 04 we Ga. So. lost to UGA 48-28. But I saw that game and it was pretty close for most of the game. In 07 they lost to Colorado St. by just 6 points. In 08 they again lost to UGA but only by 24. Last year they lost to a decent Navy team by just 6. Now, they haven’t beaten any D-1 teams, but they have given them games. And, they are now scheduled to play UGA, UF, LSU, and GaTech in the next few years. They are not afraid to play with the big boys.

Third, you will see a very disciplined and organized team. These guys are 9-1 too. They may win their 7th National Championship this season. Their only loss was by 7 to Appy. St. (Remember them?) They have on occasion put up some pretty good numbers against some pretty decent teams this year.

Fourth, get this. Their FG kicker is a perfect 12-12. Their punter is probably better than our punter, too. Not saying the game will come down to a FG or punts but they are very good in both areas.

Finally, there is the motivational angle. I’m sure these guys at Ga. So., who know how to win, are excited about getting a shot at Bama. We better not take this as just a scrimmage before Auburn. To be honest, I’m not so sure that Ga. So. may be better than Kent St. In other words they might not be the easiest team on our schedule. I’d love to see them play Ole Miss.

Now, I’m not saying we are going to lose. We will win. But, if we come out flat we could have a real battle for a half. We don’t need to be battling to the half say only up on these guys by 14-17 pts. We need to be up on them by 30 at the half so we can get the starters out, rest them, and give some young guys a shot.

Now, I’m expecting Bama to win 52-0. But, a 35-10 win would not be a shock to me. I’m sure Saban is taking this team seriously and hopefully we will be ready and crush their will early in the game. Do that and it will be what we all want...a nice Sat. afternoon picnic with 100,000 of our closest friends.    

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