LSU fans and others against a rematch

First of all, this isn’t even a done deal yet. We still have a couple of games that could change things this weekend, but it’s looking very likely that we’ll have a rematch between Bama and LSU in the national title game, although it’s certainly not 100% certain yet. Let’s just call this a premature hate thread.

Secondly, I’ve posted some of this in other threads, but wanted to compile it and add some other arguments I’ve heard from some LSU fans and other anti-rematch folks to present a counter-point to some of the bullshit arguments and flat-out hypocrisy.

Third, this is long and loaded with sarcasm and probably punctuation/spelling errors, and I simply don’t give 2 shits about it either. You don't like it, don't f'in' read the damn thing.

Finally, this is only directed towards those LSU folks who don’t want a rematch only so that they can have an easier (almost certain) path to the national championship game. I thought most of LSU nation was in favor of a rematch based upon Les Miles’ comments (both after Nov 5 and even this past weekend) and my good LSU friend who wanted a rematch with us even immediately after overtime on November 5 simply because he loves good smash-mouth football. So don’t take this as an all-out assault on all of the LSU community. This is just to those LSU folks who seem scared and who don’t want to face Bama again at all under any circumstances, regardless of anything else that happens.

Here are a few of the arguments I’ve been hearing from LSU fans and other folks in the media...

Hey! If Alabama isn’t even good enough to win their own conference, much less their own division, it ain’t fair that they should have a spot in the BCS title game, yo!

Exhibit A: Nebraska 2001 – Got manhandled by Colorado in the Big XII title game by 4 possessions, still made the big game.

Exhibit B: Oklahoma 2003 (you remember those guys right?) – Got destroyed by Kansas State in the Big XII title game, also by 4 possessions, still made the BCS title game.

But let’s not let precedent get in our way, right? But what if the unthinkable happens Saturday and you lose to Georgia? Since you didn’t even win your own damn conference, you shouldn’t be invited to NOLA. Is that a fair assessment? I suppose if OSU also loses the Bedlam game, then the Big XII, SEC, B1G, and Big East are out of it too (the Big East because…..well, does that really need an explanation?). So we should allow the Virginia Tech/Clemson winner in the ACC to face off against Oregon, who is going to have a very, very tough game in the Pac 12 title game. Sure, that’s what we need. It’s only fair...right?

And speaking of that, I suppose we should make Green Bay forfeit their Super Bowl title last year, because they didn’t win their division either. In fact, their win over the Bears (the actual division winner) in the NFC Championship Game shouldn’t have counted. Actually, Atlanta should have been allowed to move on from the NFC Divisional Game after the Packers beat them. Yeah, that makes perfect sense.

Aww, come on! Don’t give me that NFL crap! The BCS is the system we currently have, whether you like it or not!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that! We do have the BCS system in place. So let’s look at that system, shall we?

The #1 and #2 team in the final BCS rankings will play in the BCS Championship Game for the national championship. Pretty damn clear cut to me. Nowhere does it say that you have to be a conference champion to play in the game. In fact, to the contrary, the rules themselves allow for BOTH teams in the title game to play even if neither one of them win their conference. It’s specifically spelled out in the rules and is the only way that three teams from the same conference can be invited to the BCS.

#1 vs. #2. That’s what the BCS guidelines for the title game state. The BCS is the system we currently have, whether you like it or not either!

But...but...but...EVERY GAME COUNTS!!! And since you lost that game, you have no right to be in the title game!!!

Well, how can I argue with that one? If you lose a game, you shouldn’t be in the BCS title game. How in the hell did Florida win it all in 2008 when Ole Miss defeated them? The Rebels weren’t even invited. Oh, the humanity!

If you want every game to count, why not count Oklahoma State's loss to Iowa State as well?

Come to think of it, I recall hearing something that was said somewhere, a long time ago it seems. Someone at some school somewhere or another said something like "we’re undefeated in overtime"...or something like that. Forgot who it was. Oh yeah, that’s right!

I suppose that means since LSU lost to Kentucky on the road in overtime in 2007 that we should forgive Oklahoma State for losing on the road to Iowa State. That makes sense to me, uhm...wait a tick! LSU also lost yet another overtime game in 2007 during Houston Nutt’s final stand at Arkansas, but LSU was also on the road during that loss as well so we shoul...what was that? Oh, the loss was in Tiger Stadium? So the home team lost an overtime game so therefore should be eliminated from contention?

I suppose then that since every game counts, a team that lost at home in overtime, not mention losing on the road to a bottom-feeder, and has 2 losses has absolutely no right to be in the title game either, right? ......hello?


Where are those damn crickets that I hear chirping?

Look, shit happens. You needed help in 2007 to reach the title game and received it (and jumped Georgia in the process). You won the BCS title that year...period. I'll give you that one. Shit happened this year as well. Deal with it.

Well, since you brought up the OSU loss, have a heart man! They lost after a terrible tragedy at their school!

Look, there’s no way I’m going to downplay the tragedy of what the OSU community went through when those two individuals tragically lost their lives way too early.

However, many teams have faced tragedy before. Most haven’t on this scale, but some actually have. If you truly feel that a team/community/player/etc should be given the benefit of the doubt because of a great tragedy that befell them, I would invite you to sit down and listen to one Mr. Carson Tinker…..and the teammates of one Aaron Douglas…..and pretty much anyone in Tuscaloosa and the surrounding areas. Is there any sympathy for the team that went through those tragedies?

Tragedy aside, let’s just get the two best teams on the field to fight it out, ok?

Well, ok, but what about the fact that this is the reason we need a +1 system so Bama would actually have to EARN their way into the title game!

Well, not going to argue that one. Even our own coach (you’ve probably heard of him) is on record several times stating his support for a +1 system.

But it is what it is. As stated previously, this is the system we have. And you know what? This rematch that you so adamantly oppose might actually entice the other conferences to push for this even more. An all-SEC title game….that’ll piss 'em off pretty good. And if Georgia should beat you and we both remain 1 & 2 (in either order), that’ll be three SEC teams getting 30+% of the BCS money. And the SEC would clinch #6 in a row before even playing the game. Talk about non-SEC conference heads flipping their lid! That thought alone makes it enticing enough to this SEC homer.

With the rematch, I suppose they’ll at least have the consolation that for the first time in history, an SEC team will actually LOSE in the BCS title game. That’s never happened before. So at least they have THAT going for them.

Hold on a second! Look, Alabama had their chance, and they blew it. We beat you. There’s no one to blame but yourself!!!

Everyone keeps putting the blame on Bama for not winning that game on November 5. Well, you know what LSU? If a rematch happens, as it seems likely to, then YOU are actually the team to blame for it. If you wouldn’t have allowed us to take it to overtime and if you would have won by more than 3 points and in regulation, then you could have effectively eliminated us...

...just like we did to Florida in the 2009 SEC title game.

So LSU, quit whining. It’s your own damn fault for not dominating us and taking us completely out of the equation. If you would have done your damn job and won the game by 10+ in regulation, then you would have a much better case against a rematch. However, with a rematch, you have your chance to put all questions to rest on who the better team is. Even if Alabama outplays you on offense and defense again (yes, I said again) and you still win on the scoreboard, all doubt would be erased that you’re the #1 team in the country this year, hands down. If Bama stays home on Jan 9, there’ll always be that lingering question and talk about how you played a team that had no business being on the field with you. If you want the crystal ball, just go out and earn the damn thing, ok?

Your guys may not want to play us again, but guess what? If OSU dominates Bedlam, all you might really have to do is to simply let Georgia completely wipe their ass with you this Saturday and you might get your wish of not having to play us again. I'm sure the Capital One bowl would be drooling over the possibility of getting you.

So yeah, you screwed up on Nov. 5 as well by not dominating us and taking us completely out of it.

You simply didn’t have a “make Tebow’s ass cry” moment like we had in ‘09...

...and it’s your own damn fault for do us all a favor and just STFU!

Have a great day!

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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