Stop With All The BCS Hate

This post isn't pointed at Bama fans or the RBR faithful who hate the BCS, it's meant however for all those people who think what happened to Okie St is the BCS's fault. Let me say this first, I think Okie St has a very valid point and should be pissed. I know Bama fans would be outraged had we been jumped. OSU had, for their standards, a very good season. In fact, it was their best season ever. So it's understandable that they would be upset at the fact they didn't get a shot at playing for all the marbles. But under the current system, there is no place for a team who loses to an unranked team who goes 3-6 in conference. Sorry OSU, thems the rules. Lets not forget that Michigan got jumped by Florida after losing to Ohio St. I believe this was one of the deciding factors on why Bama was eventually not jumped by OSU.

Truth is Alabama or OSU for that matter, never should have been in the mix last night. We should have been somewhere in the #4-#6 ranking. Why? We lost a game. If Oregon, Stanford, Boise, and even you OSU wanted a shot at LSU y'all should have held serve. Fact is you had your chance and blew it. Don't be mad at Alabama for winning the rest of our games and doing what we needed to do get our shot. Hate it? So sorry, don't lose to Iowa St, USC or Oregon at home by 2 TD's. You knew what was at stake at the beginning of the season, last season and the 10 before that. It’s the BCS..

Let's talk about that for a second. Teams like Auburn, Michigan, Okie St and others can say the BCS is flawed and needs to be burned all they want but for all the short comings of the BCS, its not much different than the system we had before it. And I would argue it's actually better. The AP (Yes a group of totally 100% biased reporters) decided who the National Champion was prior to the BCS. And how many times in the 40+ year reign of the AP did they screw up? Off the top of my head I'd say about +10 and it’s probably much more. I was born in 1982 and those 10 are the ones I can remember. I'm sure the older readership here can point to more. So for starters we can stop with the hate for the BCS cause it is actually an improvement over its predecessor.

CarrotTop4 pointed out today exact why the BCS is better than the AP..

Second, I definitely don’t think the computers should be dropped. They give the process some objectivity which the voters sorely lack at times. The computers actually look at all the games while the voters don’t

Yesterday was a nerve racking day for a lot of reasons but I was most concerned over one thing..The fact that voters might/would/could forget the OSU loss to ISU, remember the win against OU all the while remembering the Bama loss to LSU but forgetting our win against Arky. That alone is why I at least believe the BCS to be better than the AP. Like CarrotTop4 said, the BCS has an unbiased aspect that the AP simply does not have.

Bamapride pointed out this morning why we need a +1 format and how the BCS can play a part. Kirk Herbstreit also stated last night immediately following the release of the BCS top 10, how a +1 can not only keep the sanctity of the BCS bowls, the importance of the regular season and at the same time give the people what it wants. A PLAYOFF.

Here's another reason why OSU fans can't blame the BCS. Their own conference commissioner struck down a proposal by the SEC, ACC and others to implement a +1 system. So sorry OSU, go riot your own conference and stop blaming everyone else. The SEC stepped up to the plate and the Big 12, the Big 10 and Pac 12 cowered at the idea.

So to sum up, it's not the BCS's fault that OSU and others have been left out of the National Championship game. Yes, the BCS needs to be tweaked and a +1 format needs to be implemented but placing the blame solely on the shoulders of the BCS is not the answer. I’ll let someone who is much smarter than me figure all that out but for now, I will enjoy gulping down the tears of all the butt hurt teams who couldn’t hold serve…

Roll Tide and on to #14!

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