The "Other" Regular Season Stat Leaders: By the Numbers

2.3 - The total distance (in miles) Idaho's Bobby Cowan punted the fooball this season. Most of that was probably last week against Nevada when I had them at +20 and they lost by 53. Nice job, Bobby; your accomplishment would not be possible without your craptapular offense. Team Award!

55 - The amount of times Tino Sunseri got sacked this year. Does anyone know if anyone from the Pitt O-line is up for any awards this year?

78.3 - The percentage of extra points made by Kent State's Freddy Cortez. Keep your head up, Freddie; 17 yards is like 51 feet, and that's a long way.

25 - Longest rush by a Tight End this season by Vandy's Fitz Lassing. Man, tight end rushing numbers are really down this year. This ain't your grandma's style of offense anymore...

18 - Longest kickoff return by an Offensive Lineman by Minnesota's Zac Epping. They obviously don't take their special teams very seriously up there...

12 - Points per game scored by New Mexico. To put that into perspective, there were four individuals this year in college football that accounted for more points per game than that. At least now when Bob Davie sucks over the next 3 years, he'll have an excuse.

108 - The number to times Ole Miss was tackled for a loss. That's 9 times per game. That means that for every 6 times you snap the ball, you're not making it to the blue line if you held the ball for Ole Miss this season. Holy Giggity, Houston Nutt! Make a F*in adjustment!

15 - Percentage of 4th down conversions by Kent State. You've gotta be sh8ting me. They attempted 4th down almost 2 times per game and only converted 3 times. At what point in the process of converting 3 out of 20 times do you stop using that as an option anymore?

33 - Kickoffs by New Mexico this year. New Mexico, I'm starting to see a trend with you. You suck! You are forced by college football law (unless you screw up the coin toss ala LSU a few years back) to kick the ball off once per game. That means you only had the joy of kicking off after a score 21 times all season? Houston kicked off 21 times in one half against Tulane. What the F, Lobos?! And what the hell's a Lobo? Short for lobotomy? So you're a type of brain surgery? That's just weird, fellas.

Obviously I could do this all day, but I'll pack it up for now. If you've got any weird ass stats to add, please do so. Cheers!

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