An Easy Fix to the BCS.

Some of you may remember me from 2009 just before the BCS against Texas. I posted a blast from the past as my sacrifice to the football gods for a Bama win and, well, it worked! But that's not why I'm here.

I wanted to give my two cents worth on a solution for the BCS that won't require much change to make a simple playoff system that "should" make everyone happy. As far as this year is concerned, it would include the pokes from Okie St. and would give them the chance they feel they deserve.

Most of the way the current system works would stay in place except for adding two games. The current system of polls and computers would stay the same. After the final weekend, when everything is said and done, the top 8 teams would be chosen the play a short 3 week playoff season.

Out of the long list of bowls, four could be randomly chosen to host the first week of playoffs These bowls would be assigned by ranking starting with #1 playing #5, #2 against #6, #3 against#7 and #4 playing #8. These 4 games would be played the week of Christmas. The four winners then move into the semi-finals to play in two of the BCS bowls, Fiesta, Orange, Sugar or Rose. Personally I would prefer to drop Fiesta into the lower tier. Each year one of the big three would host the BCSCG with the other two hosting the semi-finals.

So the way it would look this year would be:

#1 LSU vs. #5 Oregon

#2 Alabama vs. #6 Arkansas

#3 OSU vs. #7 Boise State

#4 Stanford vs. #8 Kansas State

This wouldn't be hard to implement, but it's also not going to please everybody. I'm sure with this, #9 and #10 would start complaining about being left out. You can't please everybody but you would let lower ranked teams get into the playoffs and try to prove that they belong too.

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