To Greg

yea this is what happens when your drunk and rewatch the captial one bowl

For Greg

            I’m sorry that I have to say this.  But we really did enjoy you.

            I know that being the Alabama quarterback brings about the absolute worst parts of being a football player along with the best.  Especially at quarterback.  The least desirable position to be when things go wrong in the state of Alabama.  We’re a team that focuses mainly on defense and running, but when we lose it’s almost always laid on your shoulders.



            But honestly, what we were bitching about? 

There are so many other options at quarterback that are less savory.  Over hyped Jacory.  God’s gift Tebow.  Controversy Cam.  Breakable Bradford.  All you did was get amazing grades, win football games, and stay out of trouble.

            But we were dicks about it.

            Because we’re Alabama.

            Let me go ahead and apologize for myself to set the example.  I’m a prick.  For the record I ran track in high school. I was good, but it was track and my mile time would have been far less impressive if a 6’5’’ 300 pound man hit me in the middle of it.

  So for all the times I bitched about you holding on to the ball too long, I’m sorry.  For all the times I bitched about you not throwing a perfect laser to the receiver, I’m sorry.  For all the times I complained about your arm strength, I’m sorry.  For all the times I bitched about you not being the quarterback I thought you were supposed to be, I’m sorry,

Because you were a great Alabama quarterback.

I know you had clean up duty before then but you didn’t honestly come to my attention until Iron Bowl 2008.  It was celebration time, and I was drunk and dancing.  Literally.  In the student section.  And then you come in and throw a perfect pass to Maze for a touchdown.

A perfect throw to Maze.

That was a good day.

And then the next year you come in against Virginia Tech.  And you start off not so good, buddy.  But you got it together.  You became a factor in that win.

The championship season will probably be known more for Mark, defense, and the Julio portions.  Because Mark won the Heisman.  Because Julio is an Alabama god.  And because the defense was legendary.  You will probably be relegated to the status you’ve become accustomed with.  Game Manager.

But that’s bullshit.

The problem with the SEC title game that year was that it was too good.  You were the MVP.  But people will forget that beating Florida was more impressive than beating Texas.  Your amazing, college career defining, performance will be mostly forgotten because you kicked too much ass. 

Blowouts never show up as classics.

But then next year rolls around and our running game doesn’t hold up its end of the bargain.  And our offensive line shows the signs of inexperience.  And what was your patience last year in deciding the correct throw turns into our rage at your inability to get rid of the ball.

Once again I’m sorry.

For the record: South Carolina wasn’t your fault, LSU wasn’t your fault, and Auburn wasn’t your fault.

I distinctly remember you putting up amazing drives in all of those games.

The only problem is that our defense went from God Mode to Amazing Mode.  Which can be a problem, especially if your Heisman winner isn’t able to put up the numbers he put up last year because he won the Heisman.  Especially if your offensive line starts allowing sacks.  Especially if the best punt returner in the SEC just graduated from your team.  Especially if you suffer all sorts of injuries.

Sadly, a lot of people blamed this on you.

But it wasn’t you.

Throughout it all you did what we asked you to do.  Manage the drive.  Hit the open receiver.  Dump it off to the Running Back as often as possible.

If we bitched about you not getting to triple covered Julio enough times, allow me to apologize again.

Because you did your job, sir.  And you did it well.

In the two years you got after waiting for your turn you accomplished 24 wins to 3 losses along with a conference title and a BCS national title to boot. 

And I thank you for sitting on the side lines and waiting your turn to face our often misguided insane fandom.

You exceeded expectations.

Really your last play was a meaningless play in a blowout against a Big Ten team right before A.J. came in for mop up.  But two plays before your last play is what I’ll remember.

You threw a perfect ball to Maze for a touchdown.

And that was a good day.


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