NCAA 2011 Rule Changes

The NCAA has pulled more rules out of their hat for the coming football season. Of particular note are:

  1. The Auburn Rule
  2. The "Call-Me" Rule

They are also collecting data to make new rules in the future (H/T Queen). The proposed rules are:

  1. The Rocky-Top Rundown
  2. The Brandon Spikes Rule

Details after the jump...

The Auburn Rule

In the interest of player safety, blocking below the waist is no longer allowed. Unless a wide receiver is more than seven yards from the center at the snap of the ball. And the opposing player has to be facing him. Unless the opposing player is on the nearest sideline. (and no, I'm not exaggerating)

The "Call-Me" Rule

When a player is going to score a touchdown, any taunt prior to the touchdown results in a 15-yard penalty from the spot of the taunt. If, for example, the quarterback scores a walk-in touchdown and dials up his opponents on an invisible cell phone, the penalty will be assessed on the ensuing kickoff.


The Rocky-Top Rundown

The NCAA is looking into adding a 10-second rundown of the clock if a team commits a penalty that stops the clock in the final minute of either half.

The Brandon Spikes Rule

For those that don't remember, Spikes was the Florida player that didn't wear a chinstrap. Every time he hit someone, his helmet would fly off. The NCAA is now collecting data about how helmets come off during play.


There are other interesting details, including experiments with new umpire positioning. Head on over to the NCAA website to take a look at the changes in detail. has some insight, too (H/T crimson37).

With the new changes, particularly the taunting rule, discipline becomes a heavily desired attribute - one that Coach Saban strives at.

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