UPDATED: RBR Homecoming Bamapocalypse

It's our hope to update this about once a week, with group queries, new info and consensus opinions. Check back often...first update below

For those not on the Twit-o-sphere, there is some fantastic news that perhaps would be of interest to those seeking to interact/have a real-life meetup.

It's happening. And it will be upon us sooner than you know.

Queen, TWesq., Bammer, BamagirlinVegas, Sis, Nico, (probably Todd), AlabamaJammer, ChineseDentist, probably TowerofBammer, SoundCheckMama, CrowAMO (sorry if I ommitted a name, I'm doing this by memory); homies from Twitter-land; and whole host of other transcontinental lunatics will be descending upon Tuscaloosa/Birmingham on the weekend of Saturday, October 8, 2011 for an RBR/Bama Meet-n-Greet.

This is the Vandy game, which means that not only will there be debauchery aplenty, the chances of a heartbreaking, mean-drunk-inducing loss is practically nil.

Thus, while we have a date, and plane tickets, and (for some people not named Stuck, our game tickets), we do not have the following:

  • Meeting place: We will definitely be hooking up Bo at Egan's (seriously, tip the man needs a new pair of shoes). But, we do not have any pre-determined location on the Quad or other tailgating area. Local help/coordination in this area would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
  • Comestibles: We gotta' get our grub on. Potluck? Catering? Good ole' fashioned 6:00 a.m. gametime drinking/cooking?
  • Crash pads: Hopefully we'll have accomodations sorted out, but floor space for visitors who are too drunk to drive or need a corner by the litter box would be helpful
  • Tickets: Some people will invariably need tickets. Got a hookup? A spare? A "guy"? Let us know.
  • Ride Share/carpooling and/or Airport/Amtrack/Greyhound pickup. For those in the 'Ham, some carpooling would be awesome for people flying in.
  • Other miscellaneous shit that I'm forgetting because I'm mentally spent. i.e., chime in with things that I've omitted.

So, please chime in below with ideas, suggestions, probabilities of attending, random gifts of panties and club drugs, a hearty "F' YOU", or whatever else you feel like contributing.

BTW: for the uninitiated, you can find us lurking on Twitter under various names. For instance, Stuck becomes "BigIslandLaw". Also, I think we've just started using the hashtag #RBRmeetup. It seems to work, and it'll be easy to check when these "reply alls" start taking up way too many of the 140 characters. Perhaps an email list-serv once this gets too large to manage with micro-blogging?

Anyway, hope to see you all there. -E



Looks like we've got plenty of folks willing to do airport pickup, carpool, and share some floorspace. Y'all are awesome for coming through for fellow Bammers in need. Also, it looks as though Egan's will be the pre-game spot. Still undecided is tailgate spots, as many will not be able to get over to the Strip pre-game.

And, more importantly, is ticket info. Sis, Ben, Bammer and others were musing this morning about best way for non-ticket holders to go about this. Stubhub presently has mid-level seating, in blocks of 2-8, with a market price of $130-$225 (on average). The good seating is mostly sold out. I'm going to try to hit up some folks for a block ticket, and thought others may want to coordinate to purchase block seating so that we can be particularly obnoxious for the duration. Thoughts?

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