While the Credits Roll

The A Day game can't get here fast enough.  In the meantime, out of boredom, I have compiled for your consideration this my own little Top 10 List which combines everyone's favorite non-football related topics:  music and movies.  Specifically, this is a list of memorable songs that were playing as the credits rolled at the end of ten favorite movies.  So, with apologies in advance for all the great songs and movies I can't recall at the moment, here are, in no particular order of awesomeness, my ten, to wit:

1.   Townes Van Zant, “Dead Flowers” from The Big Lebowski.

2.   Iris Dement, “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” from last year’s True Grit.  The melody of this old Protestant hymn played in the background for much of the movie.  When the lovely Iris Dement’s voice filled the theater as the credits began to roll, it was almost enough to make me go back to being a Baptist.  Almost.

And in the same vein….

3. Ralph Stanley, “Angel Band” from O Brother Where Art Thou?

And now that I have gotten the Coen Brothers out of the way…

4. RATM, “Wake Up” from The Matrix.

5. Pixies, “Where is my mind?” from Fight Club. Also, “La La Love You” from Hold Me, Kiss Me, Thrill Me.  Pretty much all movies should end with a Pixies tune, but that’s just me.

6. April March, “Chick Habit” from Death Proof (pt. 2 of Grindhouse).  A perfect ending to a little film about hot babes, hot cars and a drink so good they named a color after it.

7. Richie Havens, “Motherless Child” from Taking Woodstock.

8. “Age of Aquarius / Let the Sunshine In” from The Forty Year Old Virgin.  Arguably the best part of the movie.

9. Coven, “One Tin Soldier” from The Legend of Billy Jack.  This song is going to be in your head for the rest of the day.  You're welcome.

10. “Yea Alabama” from Crimson Tide.  This is really how the movie ended.  Shut up.

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