McClover Internet Radio Piece

McClover was on a blogradio show last night which is linked here. Its a long one but some things stood out. 

McClover said the following:

"Auburn is a school. I don't have a problem with the school. I have a problem with the people the school hired." 

 "This is what the fans need to understand. I went to Auburn on a business deal in reality. I didn't go to Auburn because I wanted to go to Auburn. I never had a passion to go to Auburn." 

When asked about Gifts and who paid him cash and gifts...... 
"I will tell you offline."

"Nobody wants to stand up and be a man. It's just me against the University." 

I don't think by any means this was a huge hit of a radio show, but I'm starting to wonder if this is maybe a PR stunt by McClover. Then again, who knows. Chime in with the usual RBR opinions.

Roll Tide


I just happened to stumble upon an article on According to McClover:


"She wanted names," McClover said in a Monday morning radio interview on WQAM in Miami. "She wanted to do an investigation.

"I told her that's not why I did this story. I didn't do the story to bring Auburn down or make anybody lose their jobs because I'm not spiteful. I don't blame Auburn. I blame myself.

"I told her the only thing we can meet on is trying to change the NCAA, trying to change the system, because the system has to change. Period. It's crooked and it needs to be thrown out."


 Well I'm not sure how much more we can rely on McClover and if this Auburn Investigation is continuing. What we don't know is what the other individuals may have told the NCAA. At least they are actively pursuing the individuals on the HBO interview. Only time will tell. Click Here for the article on

Roll Tide  

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