Duron and Chris Carter talk about UA

I got this emailed to me. Don't know where the article is from, but the way they talk about our program is awesome, and makes your realize the absolute beast of a machine that we are building. God I love Nick Saban:



Duron Carter committed to Alabama during his visit to Tuscaloosa over the weekend.

Two weeks before national signing day, Tide assistant Bobby Willaims placed a call to Cris Carter wanting to konw if Carter's son, Coffeyville CC wide receiver Duron Carter, would have an interest in Alabama.

"I was like, 'What? Do we have interest?'," the former NFL star receiver recalls. "When Alabama called, I went out and got me an Alabama cap that I've been wearing ever since. I knew then that it was time to shut the recruiting process down."

But Duron Carter, a highly-touted prep receiver at Ft. Lauderdale-St. Thomas Aquinas who began his college career in 2009 at Ohio State, wasn't ready to shut it down.

Duron was thinking about staying close to home to play with several former high school teammates and friends at Miami.

"I told Duron, it's like Coach Bryant once said when he came back to coach at Alabama, it was like momma was calling," Cris Carter says. "I told him that he needed to go to Alabama and play for Nick Saban. It's Nick Saban, man. He's as good as it gets when it comes to developing players and people."

"Duron made the decision to go to Ohio State," Cris Carter says. "This time, it was my decision."

A decision that, once he visited the UA campus this past weekend, Duron Carter was completely sold on.

"Duron pointed out to me that the Alabama team was the tightest group of players he's ever witnessed in his life," Cris Carter says. "He really bonded well with [Marquis] Maze and [Darius] Hanks. He likes the college town. The campus is beautiful. They have a lot of trees. It's a nice area. He loves everything about it."

Cris Carter says that several things stood out to him during the visit

"Alabama, more than any school, they develop the whole person," Cris Carter says. "The system they have in place to develop the whole person is phenomenal. To give you a for-instance, Duron has a food allergy. It blew me away that they already knew he had a food allergy and they had a program in place for him. They gave an example that Marcell Dareus and some other players on the team last year had food allergies. They have a nutritionist who puts together a menu of food that can be served to those players with food allergies.

"Coach Saban has a system where they analyze the individual and develop the best possible system to grow the individual player nutritionally, academically, mentally and socially, in every way. Every individual player has their own file. What absolutely blew me away was that they had a machine that monitored Marcell Dareus when he slept, because he was having some issues with sleeping.

"Coach Saban wants to know anything related to the player that might hinder their development. His objective is to find out so that each individual can be developed to their fullest as a person and as a player. They analyze each individual player to find out how they best learn. Some, like Duron, learn better verbally. Others learn better visually.

"I really like the academic program and the way things are set up. Where they are housed, the academics, the cafeteria where the players eat are all in the same building. That was big for me."

Carter was also impressed with Tide strength coach, Scott Cochran.

"Coach Cochran is on top of it," Cris Carter says. "He's one of my favorites. He's already given Duron a list of things to work on. The amount of time he spends on these kids is incredible. He's not necessarily a strength coach. He's a psychologist. It's very impressive. He builds relationships with everybody."


On Saturday, the Carter's got their first glimpse of the team at the scrimmage.

"The first thing is that they past the eye test," Cris Carter says. "In baseball, you look at the pitchers first. The first thing I noticed about this Alabama team is that they have two quarterbacks with NFL ability. They can really spin it.

"They have so many good players that it's tough to name guys who stand out. But two guys that caught my eye in the scrimmage were [linebacker] Dont'a Hightower and [nose tackle] Josh Chapman. You immediately see their size, their power and their leadership. And they know why they're there."

"The offensive line also caught my attention," Carter says. "Considering what Nick Saban throws at them in terms of formations and blitzes, how in sync the offensive line was stood out to me.

"The coaching at every position really stands out. And the people behind the scenes -- the support staff, the academic staff, people who aren't seen on Saturdays -- really love these kids."

Carter says the Tide has the look of a serious national championship contender for 2011.

"Physical. They are very physical," he says. "They're going to crush some people. They have a lot of very talented players in their program right now. I think Alabama is getting ready to go on an incredible three or four-year run.

"For Duron to have an opportunity to begin at Ohio State and now come into an even better opportunity like Alabama, all I could say is that we feel blessed."

During the visit, Duron Carter was measured a shade over 6-4 and weighed in at 208 pounds. He runs a 4.5 40.

In his freshman season at Ohio State, Carter caught 13 passes for 166 yards and a touchdown. Last season at Coffeyville, he caught 44 passes for 690 yards and 10 touchdowns.

Carter is finishing up academically at a Ft. Lauderdale area junior college. He is expected to graduate in May and arrive in Tuscaloosa for summer workouts in June. He will have three years to play two.

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