Make Your Season Prediction for the Tide

Here's a challenge for you: give some details on how you think the season season plays out for BAMA. Here's my prediction.

1) Kent State - W - 49-7: The Tide comes ready to play as certain spots remain open not only for the offensive line, but for the WR and QB positions. McCarron, Phillip Sims and Blake Sims get playing time at QB. Both passing and rushing games pickup big yardage (550 total yards for offense) as the OL does an outstanding job of preventing QB/RB pressure.

2) Penn St - W - 28-10: A key pick by McCarron slows the offensive attack down in the first quarter as AJ has to adjust to his first start in a hostile stadium. The defense does their job of shutting out the Nittany Lions in the first half, allowing for McCarron to get his confidence and put up some second have yardage and scores. Phillip Sims, also comes in on a few possessions and does well. The defense and the Tide's rushing attack are key in this victory as both Richardson and Lacey have a big day.

3) North Texas - W - 42-3: Kent St. Redux - Different team, same story. On to the next game.

4) Arkansas - W - 24-21: The razobacks post the toughest challenge to date for the Tide as the Razorback's defense has greatly improved. Bama struggles early with two picks and goes conservative, depending on the rushing attack to wear them down. The gambit pays off in a close one but there are concerns in the passing game from picks and struggles in the red zone.

5) Florida - W - 21-10: Short field position and a hostile environment pose problems for the Tide. QBs are still rotating as there has yet to be a clear cut starter. Despite a slow start (7-0 Bama in the first half), the Tide starts clicking in the second half in both the passing and running game. The Gators youth causes them to wear down and the Tide ends up winning the turnover margin as they have zero picks and fumbles yet recover a fumble and two picks against the Gators.

6) Vandy - W - 28-0: The score doesn't tell the true tale as some short field conversions are left wanting. TOP was overwhelmingly in the Tide's favor and the outcome is never in doubt. RBR comrades unite in unheralded revelry resulting in STIP getting slapped with a short stay in the local pen for D&D conduct. It's all good, as he spent his hotel money on booze that day--so from an economic perspective, he's cash positive!!

7) Ole Miss - W - 35-7: The Nutter is on the hot seat as his team is falling to pieces. The Bear is stuffed and Nutt starts channeling his best Dubose impression. The passing game and rushing game continue to improve and the rotating QBs is still present.

8) Tennessee - W - 28-3: While the Volunteers are moderately improved over last year, lack of depth is still a problem and Bama rolls in the second half. The Vols have no answer against the Tide's OL. The cigars come out and the Vols continue to experience their worst nightmare in decades.

9) LSU-Saban's revenge - W - 17-10: This is the hardest fought battle to date. Defense and field position decide this game as neither team really establishes any offensive momentum. A Mad Hatter trick play backfires and the tide gains a decisive TD from short field position.

10) Miss St. - W - 24-14: Bama is still hurting from the previous week's game but have enough depth to overcome a challenging away game. Jalston Fowler is the surprise hero in this one as he gets into the end zone with a couple of short yardage rushing TDs.

11) Georgia Southern - W - 42-10: Becomes a Kent St. trilogy. The only points scored by Georgia Southern are in the last quarter as BAMA is playing third stringers to rest up for AU.

12) Auburn - W - 28-14: Despite a great defensive and offensive effort in hostile territory, Malzahn gets some points with a fledgling offense. Despite two TDs from well executed trick plays, the Tigers have too many holes to fill during a rebuilding year.

13) SEC Champioship Game vs. SCAR - Revenge tour continues - W - 28-10: Though the Cocks create some scares early and put up significant defensive pressure, the Tide's running game and clock management prevails. Garcia is sacked 5 times and gives away 1 pick and 2 fumbles. Upshaw is the hero as he creates the two turnovers. One of the best highlights of the night is Clowney getting flipped by a great pickup block by Trent Richardson.

14) Championship Game vs. Oklahoma - The Big Ten fails to impress again this year along with the PAC-50 . With the lack of a conference game and a TX program in decline, Oklahoma runs away with it and ends up in the No. 2 spot behind the Tide. This game ends up being a nail-biter and the Tide prevails 28-21 from some key conversions and defensive stops. Cue Saban's evil grin as he holds up his third crystal football.

Bama is 14-0 and BCS champions with 14 National Titles. The SEC is still dominant and the other conferences push for a playoff within the next 5 years in order to create more obstacles for the SEC juggernaut.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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