EDIT: What's Your 2011 Prediction? (yep..Im making changes)

Its that time again folks. First off, this isn't the "What will Bama's record be?" That has already been covered here.

Below are my predictions for the entire season: Each conference winner, BCS NC winner, Heisman winner etc. Of course the whole point is for you guys to follow suit and we'll check back at seasons end and see who was the true "know it all". Here were 2010's predictions and results.

So here it goes...


2011 Predictions


West- Bama

East- UF

Winner: Bama

I hate predicting anything for Bama but I just can't bet against us. Now, the UF pick is a stretch but I think everyone is looking past them. UGA and USC will be about the same and maybe a little better this year but I think UF plays with a chip on their shoulder. Either way, the East will come out to who's the best of the worst.

SEC predictions:







Ole Miss









ACC- link to divisions

Atlantic- FSU

Coastal- North Carolina  Va Tech....

Winner: FSU

This is an easy call. FSU is building a damn fine team here in Tallahassee and no one in the ACC is even close. Everyone is picking VA Tech to win the Coastal but I think NC has what it takes they are all correct cause UNC is a train wreck.We'll see..


Big 12 (10) 


Pretty simple one here...


Pac-12- Link to divisions

North- Oregon

South- USC  Arizona

Winner- Oregon

Oregon hasn't been hit with sanctions or suspensions yet so I have to go with them repeating until that time comes. USC won't be winning cause they got busted LOL Arizona should be much improved and win an easy division. even with the loss of scholarship players. 


Big 10 (12) - Link to Divisional splits (Just try and not laugh at the names...I dare you)

Leaders- Wisconsin

Legends- Nebraska

Winner: Nebraska

Ohio St is rebuilding and Michigan is feeling the pains of the Rich Rod years. Wisconsin has a veteran team and now has a decent QB. Nebraska should run away with the Legends

Big East- Link to teams

Pitt- This is really a default "win" by and large..Since there was a three way tie last year your guess is as good as mine.

WAC link to members 

Winner- Hawaii

Hawaii is the only team left in the WAC with a good amount of talent. Just ask Stuck in the Plains.


Mountain West Link 

Winner-Boise St. 

The Nov. 12th show down with Boise and TCU will decide the conference and I feel Boise returns too much to lose that game.

National Championship: Oklahoma vs Alabama

I believe Oklahoma beats FSU early in the season and wins out. I also believe FSU loses a game they shouldn't later in the season taking them out of the NC picture. Bama loses a game early but recovers to win the West and still makes the NC game. Bama wins a defensive game 21-14 and celebrates our 14th national championship.


Usually the best player from the best team wins the Heisman but not this year. Also, since the award is given before the NC game its kinda hard to see who the best player really is...So the winner of the 2011 Heisman goes to Landry Jones, QB Oklahoma.


So these are my predictions..And just like last year if you don't agree Im fine with that..Leave your predictions below and we'll see who's right in January. 

Roll Tide!

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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