Herbie Goes on Vacation?


Once again, although this story nominally has nothing to do with the University of Alabama, I’m sure most of you know exactly why I think this story belongs on this board.

"Nebraska acknowledged Tuesday that it distributed nearly $28,000 in textbooks and other school supplies to athletes from 2007-10, material that wasn't required and amounts to what the school says are three violations of NCAA rules."

"The school said it outlined the violations in a report to the NCAA, pertaining to book scholarships, extra benefits and a failure to monitor. It self-imposed a two-year probationary period as well as a fine of $28,000 payable to charity.

The school said the athletes involved have already paid the amount of their individual extra benefits to charities. It said it has processed 57 such repayments that were valued at more than $100 and another 181 that were less than $100.

The NCAA allows schools to cover the cost of required course textbooks in athletic scholarships but not extra, professor-recommended books. Nebraska said it uncovered the violation on its own last fall and determined that athletes in 19 sports received books and supplies that were not required.

It said the total value of the books and supplies was $27,869.47.

Nebraska athletic department spokesman Keith Mann declined additional comment Tuesday.

In the report to the NCAA, the school said it regretted the mistakes and has implemented a new process for giving athletes their scholarship books. It said there was no intentional wrongdoing, monetary reward or competitive advantage gained by the athletes involved.

Nebraska said in all cases, bookstore employees and athletes believed the recommended books were included in scholarships.

An internal investigation into the matter began in November of 2010, with Nebraska officials identifying the athletes who received extra books from the spring of 2007 through fall 2010. The school said the average extra benefit was less than $60 per athlete. The total value was calculated by taking the cost of the book when purchased, minus the amount refunded to athletics when the books were returned.

The Nebraska compliance staff began processing repayments from athletes in February and finished in April. The school said its Student-Athlete Advisory Committee would determine which charity will receive its $28,000 fine.";_ylt=AmSMBQE5c.sDo68nZuICS4b99XQA;_ylu=X3oDMTN1MDMzcWllBGNjb2RlA3ZzaGFyZWFnMnVwcmVzdARwa2cDOWE2ZWQwYWMtYjNmYS0zMmU5LWFjZDgtYWY3OWU2MGY3OGU3BHBvcwMyBHNlYwNuZXdzX2Zvcl95b3UEdmVyAzI3ZTY1YzAwLWE3NTItMTFlMC1iZWZkLTk4ZGZlZTIwYTExMg--;_ylg=X3oDMTJub2EwMWptBGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDMDhkYmU3ODMtY2RlYi0zZTQ2LTlkM2ItMzkwYjk2YWI3MThjBHBzdGNhdAN0ZWNoBHB0A3N0b3J5cGFnZQ--;_ylv=3


Nothing in the article explicitly states that any football players were involved, but I think it’s a distinct possibility that football players were among the apparently 238 students in 19 sports.  If any football players did receive impermissible textbook benefits, and if those players played in any games from 2007-2010, then it would seem that some vacations would be in order.  Worst-case scenario, Nebraska would have to forfeit 34 wins.


2007:  Nebraska went 5-7 (2-6).  Needless to say, Nebraska ended this season unranked.


2008:  Nebraska went 9-4 (5-3), and beat Clemson 26-21 in the Gator Bowl, losing to the three ranked teams on their schedule (as well as to Virginia Tech, who was unranked at the time).  Nebraska ended the season unranked.


2009:  Nebraska went 10-4, (6-2), and went to the Big XII Championship Game, losing 12-13 to Texas on the controversial 60:00:01 play that set up our showdown with the Longhorns.  Nebraska went on to crush Arizona 33-0 in the Holliday Bowl, finishing the season #14/#14.


2010:  Nebraska went 10-4 (6-2) and again went to the Big XII Championship Game, losing to Oklahoma 20-23.  Despite defeating Washington 56–21 during the regular season, the Cornhuskers went on to lose to the Huskies in the Holiday Bowl, 7–19, finishing the season ranked #19/#20.

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