SEC Superconference Report

ESPN Breaking News.....


ESPN is reporting that according to sources, Texas A&M is going to be meeting on Monday, and that they will indeed by joining the SEC.

ESPN is also reporting that Clemson, Florida State, and Missouri are likely to join.

Obviously, this is going to change the SEC in a big time way if this comes to fruition.

What would the new super-conference look like? 

Two 8-team divisions, adding T A&M and Mizzou to the West and FSU and Clemson to the East?  That's 7 SEC games per team within their own division.  Adding in a rivalry game (Bama/Tenn, AU/Georgia are two of the more traditional ones) would bring the slate up to 8 SEC games, as we currently have.  If we were then to rotate playing two teams from the other division, that would be 10 SEC games, and that's just way too much.  Therefore, it would likely have to rotate only one team every two years (home and away) to bring the total SEC games up to 9.  But that would mean we would have a 13 year lull between playing a team from the other division (unless meeting in the SEC CG).

What would make more sense to me is four 4-team divisions (TA&M/Ark/Mizzou/LSU .... UM/MSU/Bama/AU ... TN/KY/Vandy/GA ... Clemson/USCe/Fla/FSU).  That would mean playing 3 games in our division, then rotating two teams from the other divisions.  You certainly want to keep the Iron Bowl, Egg Bowl, Florida/FSU, LSU/Ark, and Clemson/USC together.  You would also want to keep Bama/TN, Fla/GA and the UM/LSU traditional games going.  But AU/GA is a traditional game as well, so you may have to replace Ga to keep them with Fla, but do you split up FSU/Fla?  Or Clemson/USCe?

With 4 divisions, that inevitably leads to a playoff for the SEC Championship.  Will the bowl selection committee allow an extra week before making their bowl selections?  Will we really want a potential 15-game season for the players?

How could this work with a 16-team conference?  If only 14 teams, it would simply mean keeping the same format but adding one team to each division, increasing our SEC games to 9 per season (only leaving 3 OOC games).

The logistics of it would be interesting to see how it pans out.

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