On BE/ACC/SEC Expansion

Couple things real quick: 1.) I am a Bama fan by birth but I lived in upstate NY for a while so I am a Syracuse fan as well.  2.) This is my first post on RBR, sooo Roll Tide.

I was freaking out all day yesterday at Bryant-Denny. As much as I enjoyed watching the Tide roll, I kept on checking the news for any more expansion updates.  I have never really liked the ACC and I could never imagine Syracuse leaving the Big East after we blasted Miami, BC, and Va Tech for doing the same thing.  I think it was a brilliant move by the ACC, especially if they pick up UConn and Rutgers as well (thats where the smart money is at this point), or if they pull a coup and manage to land ND (who they have been courting since the 90s).  The ACC will become the 3rd best FOOTBALL conference in the country (SEC, B10, Pac12 ACC) as well as the undisputed #1 basketball conference when this expansion takes effect (possibly not til 2014).  West Virginia is leaving the Big East for the SEC, expect the official announcement by Wednesday at the latest.  Everything I've heard is that the ACC and Pac-X are looking to expand to 16 ASAP, their commissioners consider themselves progressive and see 16 team superconferences as the inevitable wave of the future. The SEC and Big10 are taking the more conservative approach and staying put at 14 (look for B10 to add 2 schools from the sinking B12 or BE conferences within the next month).  Im excited and scared for Syracuse but I love seeing the respect from my fellow Bama fans about the value of Syracuse, thank you.  I know SEC pride runs high in football and a lot of fans in the area don't look too closely at other conferences but Syracuse football is up-and-coming and Pitt is reloading, this expansion really does strengthen ACC football as well. Ok I'm done ranting, ROLL TIDE!


-Syracuse and Pitt to ACC effective 2014 (27 month waiting period/$5 Million buyout unless other agreement is reached).
-UConn has been aggressively pursuing ACC since Sat morning, Rutgers, Lville, ND also rumored for 15/16 slots.
-WVU has submitted application to SEC, may be a done deal. Expect announcement by Wednesday.
-Pac-12 pursuing package deal for OU/OSU, Texas/TTech. Expect deal to be reached within next 2 weeks.
-SEC expected to stay put at 14 schools for foreseeable future.

-Big 10 may look to add 2 additional schools from remaining Big 12/Big East schools (i.e. Mizz, Lville, Rutgers, etc.)
-ACC may look at including Madison Square Garden in championship venue rotation.
-Look for the basketball-only Big East schools to try to block SU/Pitt/others from leaving a la Baylor.
-Big East may act quickly (early this week) and make a move for remaining Big 12 schools, they have been in contact with Kansas, KSU, ISU, Mizzou for the last several weeks and they would compliment TCU geographically and bring in strong new markets.


*I use the term loosely

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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