Great Game - Congrats to LSU

I just wanted state how proud I was of Bama in last night's game. That had to be the most dominating performance in a BCS game I have ever witnessed. It may not have produced a highlight reel like the Teague strip, but it was a total team performance.

Special Teams - Shelley played great under intense pressure getting the most points via field goals in a BCS game ever. Our coverage was spot on not allowing them to gain return yardage.

OL - Outstanding protection for AJ. They only had a couple of missed blocks all night and gave AJ plenty of time to throw.

Defense - UN-FRICKING-BELIEVABLE performance. Hightower, Upshaw, Gentry, Chapman, Barron, Menzie, Dre, CJ and everyone else on D - please note that you will be known as one of the best (if not THE BEST) defenses in the history of Bama football. Thanks so much for your contributions and best of luck after Bama football. You will be missed.

AJ - WOW!!!!! Such composure from a first year starter. They put the offense in his hands and he delivered. He avoided costly sacks, ran when he needed to and was spot on in his passing. Incredible performance.

Receivers - Hate it for Maze as he had a stellar return to set the tone early. Hanks and Norwood had GREAT performances. So glad we have two years left from Norwood. Tight ends played great (just next time lay out for that pass Smelley-Cat!!).

RBs - Trent we will miss you!!! You will go down as one of the best backs in Bama history. I have never seen Bama RB run with so much power, speed and agility. You will leave some big shoes to fill. Thank you so much for your efforts! Lacey - looking forward to seeing what you can do next year - STAY HEALTHY!!

Freshmen - Thank you for your contributions, especially Vinnie and Depriest -- so much fun to watch you guys hit.

Coaching - Coach Saban, I know everyone outside of the Bama fans hates you, but know this - WE LOVE YOU!!! Thanks for rebuilding our program and puttnig and excellent game plan together to have them play the way they did. Kirby - WE LOVE YOU TOO!!!! Stellar job with the defense. Coach MAC, I know you've taken some grief during your tenure at BAMA, but we LOVE YOU TOO! You will be missed. Thanks for a great offensive game plan and good luck at Colorado State.

Meltdown thread - I humbly request that we DO NOT do a meltdown thread for last night's game. While I abhor the cheapshot Honey Badger took on Dre in the first game, I still think LSU was a great team and would hate to rub salt in a sore wound.

In closing - Congrats to LSU for a great season. I am proud of our team and hate the way it ended for you. Just know that you have a great team and from what it looks like you will be stacked again next year. Looking forward to another great rematch.


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