To the Naysayers, Part 2

Having just returned from New Orleans and watching our beloved Tide bring home number 14, I feel it is time to revisit a personal National Championship tradition....

First and foremost: To Tim Brando, Gary Danielson, and the rest of you blowhard talking heads who spent weeks bemoaning Alabama being awarded a chance to play for the National Championship, insinuating we didn't belong, and who are even now saying that LSU's game plan was the reason that they could not move the ball against Alabama, I give you a team that dominated every team they played except for Alabama - scoring 35 points per game....against the Alabama defense, they ran 44 plays, gained 92 yds, and scored zero points.

To the LSU fans, who I observed on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday leading up to the game screaming, drunkenly accosting every Alabama fan you came in contact with yelling tiger bait tiger bait, I want you to know how much I thoroughly enjoyed your silence on Tuesday morning. You spent the weekend partying like you had already won the game - yes, we Bama fans drink, but we were also there on a business trip - and you were there to prematurely anoint yourselves champions. I wonder if you feel it was better to win the party than the game.

To the Honey Badger....I wonder how it felt to get burned and burned and burned by our second string wide receivers? Remember how you took a cheap shot on Dre Kirkpatrick on Nov. 5? I wonder how it felt when he treated you like the bitch you are on that last punt return.

To the rest of the whiners amongst the LSU players - whether you are whining about referees or whatever - I would like to apologize to you. Because we played such a sloppy game on Nov. 5th, we may have mistakenly given you the impression that you were the better team, and if we did create such delusions for you we do apologize. You may even be laboring under the delusion that shit talking and cheap shotting is the way to championships. In this you are gravely mistaken. We happily showed you last night what it takes to win the National Championship - we hit you in the mouth, you talked back - so we hit you in the mouth again, and to your credit, you kept talking and talking - but somewhere in that fourth quarter, we hit you in the mouth one more time, and instead of talking you did what all punk ass, thuggy little boys the National Championship game.....I wonder if you will ever be able to forget: that on the biggest stage, with everything riding on the line, with the crowd in your favor, your hated rival and your former coach MADE YOUR ASSES QUIT.

To those who yammered on and on about how Les Miles outcoaches Nick Saban on a regular basis, I wonder if you still feel that way after Coach Saban designed a game plan that Miles couldn't understand, much less find a way to defeat.

To all the scum sucking, pathetic auburn fans who have been whining for weeks about Bama playing for it all, I say go back and sit in your place, little brother, because your brief little shining hope of having an elite program has been snuffed Alabama.....again....

To anyone who doubts that Nick Saban is the best coach in the country, well, I don't care what you think because if you cannot see that the man is the epitome of elite, then you are a Tammy level idiot....

To the Oklahoma State fans who want a share of our National Championship, I say pick a time and a place, and we will be there - and you WILL understand that you only think that you are in our league.

To the Alabama fan base. We are the best group of fans in the country, and I think we will only get better and stronger as time goes on - as will our football program.

To Coach Saban and the rest of the coaching staff.....what can I say? You are without a doubt the best, brightest, most innovative, D-I-S-I-P-L-I-N-E-D coaching staff in the country. I, and the rest of the fans of Alabama cannot possibly thank you enough for all the hard work and expertise you bring to the table when creating a game plan - and the defensive and offensive game plans for the BCSNCG were the best I have ever seen - and I was in that same building when Bill Oliver's defense dismantled Miami. The best compliment I can give you is: there is no other coaching staff in the world that I would rather have at Alabama.

To Miss Terry, I first want to say thank you for sharing your husband with us - I know it must not be easy on you to have your husband away so much. But that being said, I want to thank you from the bottom of this lifelong Alabama fan's heart for the way in which you represent our University. You are the epitome of class in every way, and the lives you have touched in our community will carry on for years to come. You truly are a classy genuine person, and the Alabama family loves you very much.

To the Players on the University of Alabama football team: you have given us your blood, your sweat, your tears; you have fought through injuries that would hav crippled many of us fans, and you have made us once again so proud of you that words fail me. All of you have not just played football at the highest level that it can be played at, you have done it with honor, and you have done it the right way. I wonder if you truly know how much we do care about you, and not just whether or not you can win us championships, but that you succeed in every facet of your lives. And watching you all mature through the years, I know that you will all be successful in any endeavor you attempt in the future. We, the fans of Alabama football, love you guys....for real....

To those families and friends who I know are still hurting after the awful events of April 27th, I know that no mere game can bring back your loved ones or the possessions of a lifetime that you lost. But if you can take comfort in what our football program has accomplished - because I know that Tuscaloosa and Fultondale along with all of the other cities and towns that were devastated that day, were on the minds of the young men that wore the Crimson and White throughout the season - and they played in remembrance and honor of those who were lost; they played for Carson Tinker, who played every game while his heart must have been torn to pieces; they played for the city of Tuscaloosa, for the citizens of the state of Alabama, and they redeemed with honor the burden placed upon them:

Ladies and Gentlemen Let's hear it for Number 14, let's hear it for a team that came back and fought for all of us, fought to win what was very nearly taken from them on November 5......and let's celebrate the 2011 BCS National Champion ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE!!!!!

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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