Basketball Ref Mike Stuart

Look I am not a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. I hate that crap.

But this guy is pushing the limits of professionalism and the stats against Alabama every time this moron takes the court is astounding.

from rivals tinfoil hats

In our last TWO HOME GAMES against Vandy - they have shot 66 Free Throws while Alabama has shot 27. By the way, we have taken the ball two the rim a LOT more than Vandy has.

from GoodmanCBS on twitter

By the way, told Mike Stuart - ref who hit Anthony Grant tonight - has T'd Grant up each of the last three games he's done.

The stat I'm seeing on the tinfoil hat boards is that we've lost the last ten games Mike Stuart has called - all with the fouls favoring the other team. The tinfoil hats seem to think it's because he is from Tennessee and is a Tennessee fan and blah blah blah.

I don't care about that. Frankly I think he has more of a problem with our coach than our team. Maybe Grant's style rubs him the wrong way. Maybe he doesn't like the way he dresses or cuts his hair. Maybe he doesn't like Coach Grants implied he has sexual relations with his mother, I don't know. But the man does not like our coach.

He's either biased or incompetent and either way I don't want this guy refereeing an Alabama game.

If I'm being a Barner about this tell me so I can take the tinfoil off, but this guy just seems bad at his job.


On JOX they are now saying that the ONLY three times Anthony Grant has been called on a technical in SEC play has been by Mike Stuart though I kind of doubt this I don't have the time to do the research - I only post wild speculation in my anger haha

for reference THIS did not result in a technical from Ref Tim Riggins

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