The "Too Many Points" Meltdown.

We were on fire in the Alamo Bowl game thread, and I was inspired. Consider this a tribute to how freaking funny all of you are. The fun begins after the jump.



49 points already.

OK. Maybe this game will go to 100 points. Wow. SEC is so boring.

56 points. SEC plays snooze football.


We don’t need no stinkin’ defense!

They should celebrate ANY tackle there haven’t been too many

horribad, the only way I know how to describe this shitfest

I was gonna go to bed...

…but I’ve never seen a 100-point game before….

In sex and football you have to get physical

with the other person. These two teams are just masturbating in front of each other. It ’ s not the same thing.

These Baylor safeties make less resistance

Than ugly, unmarried Smith seniors? Am I right? These goyim, their dinner parties…I pity the cockroaches cause, really, how much can a cockroach drink?

the word DEFENSE

is not in the dictionary in Big 12 country

Those electric football games play better defense

They should just tell the bands to never stop playing the fight song

if you look carefully at the words "Washington Huskies Baylor Bears"...

…you’ll notice there’s absolutely no D….

Does either team have a punter?

This game should have started with the old XFL wrestle for the ball shit

It took this long to get past 100 combined?


I really dont get what people like about these games

they are boring as hell…Its like watching tennis. You score, I score, You score, I score..etc.

Ive seen one good tackle and the refs threw a personal foul on it.

Are you allowed under natural law

To hold up 4 fingers for the 4th quarter, when your d club-meded the last three?

Baylors playbook = Pop Warner Midgets playbook

People that enjoy this type of football, are the same group that are excited to see the film New Year's Eve

There are basketball teams in the Big 10 that would kill for this many points in a game....

Whats a punter?

Defense wins championships

Offense wins the Alamo Bowl.

I believe they've renamed it the Alamoome....

Somewhere I think the Comimish of the Big 12

Is crying, upsetting his hookers and clumping the mountain of coke on his coffee table in his Dallas hotel room cause this blew cousin

These defenses have a problem with premature emasculation.

Well maybe the rest of the country is right...

these offensive shootouts make for the best threads ever.

Y'all, we are some funny people.

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