A Word To Our Fans

Ok, on a personal note, I can be a bit negative in some folks mind regarding the likelihood that Bama will crush every team we play by at least 25 points. In general I feel that gap between Bama and teams like Old Mississippi is not near as big as people think especially when the Rebs have a good coach and I think they do. Still even negative me did not expect Mississippi to still be in the game in the 4th qt. but there we were in a 13 pt. game.

But, what I really want to talk about was our crowd. I was at the game and saw the awesome Built By You (I think that was the name of it) video (and you need to see it.) That video showed what is right with Bama fans. Saturday's game, not so much, as I see it.

To begin with we did not even fill the place up. Granted it was the upper deck student section but don’t we have a record number of students now? I wish the university would put the students on notice...start showing up or we will fill those seats. I honestly think you could have gotten an extra 2k people in the upper deck south. Why not put those tickets out there for the supposed thousands on the Tide Pride waiting list? To me it was just wrong. The first SEC home game, the #1 team in the nation, the defending national champs, and a night game to boot (so you ain’t going to get hot.) (I’m sorry but I live in the Eastern Time Zone and all our high school games start at 8 so I don’t think it is to late to go to a game.) Now, it might be late if you are going to church the next day but I doubt that was why so many stayed away.

Secondly, although the loud speakers in the stadium do a good job of making noise, 95,000 did a poor job (4k Miss. pus 2k no shows.) We rarely made enough noise to make their hurry up offense slow down for the qb to run up to the line and call out blocking assignments to their o-line. And, I don’t remember us ever making them jump offside. Truth is the way Old Mississippi runs their offense a really loud crowd could have actually slowed them down. Yep the fans could have had an effect, actually had a win Built By The Fans. But we only really yelled on 3rd downs and when Old Mississippi was going to score.

But the most disturbing was the departure of the fans as the 4th qt. started. I actually started yelling at people “This ain’t over yet!” but it did no good. Furthermore I suspect most of these fans were not going home to get ready for church, but going to a party. What is ironic is that we were playing Mississippi, that is their MO, not Alabama. And by the way, I stayed to the very end and I had to drive 285 miles to get home so don’t tell me you had a long drive.

Yep it was a mass exodus at the start of the 4th in a 2 score game. That is just a long bomb and a fumble recovery away from a Mississippi lead (or tie when we went up 16.) Don’t tell me it was over. It really was not over until that late FG. which was when there was less than 2 minutes.

To be honest this has irritated me for some time. I really wish our fans that leave before the last two minutes would just stop showing up. In fact, why don’t they just become Auburn fans. Leaving early, not even showing up, that is what Auburn fans do. So I wish these fans would just turn in their crimson on the way out the gate. They will be glad to have you down in Auburn and they party too, so enjoy.

I’m an old guy. I went to my first Bama game in 1961 and have gone to games every year since . I went to some bad games during Dubose & Shula. I have never left a Bama game early EVER but I understand why fans either did not come, did not yell, or left early in those years. But folks things are different now. And, if you are a Bama fan it doesn’t get any better than it is right now.

We have the best team, the best program, the best players, and the best coach. They deserve to have the best fans. If we are killing someone and Ben Howell is in there running the ball late in the 4th, we ALL need to be there yelling for him.

If you are one of the worthless fans who left at the start of the 4th I wish you would give me an explanation of your sorry self.

And, I’m going to be at MSU and if any of you all leave early I’m the guy who will be yelling AT YOU.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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