Random Thoughts from Around the Country

It is pretty hard to find interesting teams outside of the SEC to talk about. It's like watching Autograph at Live Aid. It's like reading Playboy for the articles. It's like going to Dreamland and ordering a salad.

Texas Tech: I mentioned a few weeks ago that West Virginia (5-1) might have some problems against the Red Raiders (5-1) because the Men of Lubbock actually have a defense AND it would be the second straight week, the Mountaineers had to travel 1000+ miles to the state of Texas. One QB threw for 499 yards and six touchdowns and his name was not Geno Smith. Seth Doege had by far the best game of his career. Tommy Tuberville has proved to have a little bit of magic left as his defense pressed the receivers often knocking them off their routes and WVU could not get in rhythm. Tech has the 4th ranked D in the nation behind Bama, LSU, and FSU led by senior safety Cody Davis (45 tackles, 2 INT).

Kansas State: The national press are like junior high teenagers. In recent weeks they fell over each other fawning over Geno Smith. One bad game and that crush is over. Now they are all drooling over K-State QB Collin "Don't Call Me Calvin" Klein. His stats don't really impress me much but I guess you can't argue with the results. Good for the Wildcats and their 99-year old coach. As fate would have it, their next game is in the Land of Burning Couches. OMG, Becky!

Oregon State: Are they for real? After losing starting QB Sean Mannion many thought they were toast. No sweat. Back-up Cody Vaz went 20-32 for 332, 3 TD, 0 INT as the Beavers (5-0) rolled to a 42-24 win over BYU. These guys could prove to be a fly in Oregon's ointment come November 24.

The ACC: There is absolutely nothing to report.

The Big Ten: 0 teams ranked in the first BCS standings.

The Big East: I guess I am obligated to report that they have three undefeated and ranked teams: #15 Rutgers 6-0, #16 Louisville 6-0, #21 Cincinnati 5-0. They all have to play each other in the coming weeks meaning only one will emerge unscathed. I hope they play like this when Boise joins them next season.

Notre Dame: The Irish are 6-0 and ranked #5 after a controversial goal-line stand against Stanford. The instant replay issue people are not talking about is the lack of replay on second down. I thought the running back was in but there was no replay review. Of course NBC has nothing to gain by pressing the issue. The 4th down play seems to be open to interpretation but it seems to me the refs came to their conclusion awful quick. It brings me no joy to say nice things about the Dames but they have a pretty good defense giving up 8.67 points per game. The offense? Not so much. The Oct 27 trip to Oklahoma might decide this season.

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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