Week 7 Sagarin Rankings (Projecting the Rest of The Season with Modest Accuracy Since Like Six Weeks Ago)

New Sagarin rankings oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy...

First the SEC...

Alabama 103.15
South Carolina 91.78
Florida 89.92
Texas A&M 89.31
LSU 87.44
Georgia 82.81
Mississippi State 79.05
Ole Miss 76.17
Missouri 75.08
Arkansas 74.71
Tennessee 74.46
Vanderbilt 70.41
Auburn 70.13
Kentucky 62.24

And now the projected standings...


* - Florida 8-0
Georgia 6-2
South Carolina 6-2
Tennessee 3-5
Vanderbilt 3-5
Missouri 1-7
Kentucky 0-8


* - Alabama 8-0
Texas A&M 6-2
LSU 5-3
Mississippi State 5-3
Arkansas 3-5
Ole Miss 2-6
API 0-8

SEC CHAMPIONSHIP: Alabama (-13) over Florida

Some thoughts from around the country...

ACC CHAMPION: Florida State (12-1, projected to win over Florida in Tallahassee; potentially back in the hunt if there's a 2007 scenario, but otherwise destined to beat up the Big East winner in Miami Gardens.)

BIG EAST CHAMPION(?): Rutgers beats Louisville, Louisville beats Cincinnati, Cincinnati beats Rutgers. All three end up as one-loss teams, so the final tie breaker is BCS standings. Louisville is projected to lose on Nov. 29, Rutgers on Nov. 17, and Cincinnati on Oct. 26, so I'm guessing it's gonna be Cincinnati.

BIG TEN CHAMPION: Michigan (9-3, beating 7-5 (lol) Wisconsin in the B1G championship and no one else of note; Ohio State still projected to be undefeated and home alone in the postseason.)

BIG 12 CHAMPION: Kansas State (11-1 with a loss at TCU, holding the tie-breaker over 11-1 Oklahoma; both teams would be strong candidates for Miami due to the strength of the Big 12 if any two of Alabama, Oregon, or Notre Dame were to slip up along the way.)

PAC 12 CHAMPION: Oregon (13-0, beating 10-3 USC for the second time in the Pac-12 championship game.)

OUTSIDE THE AQ: Notre Dame (11-1, losing at Oklahoma; a shoe-in for a BCS bowl, but would need a lot of voodoo to get into the national championship game). Ohio (12-1, losing to Northern Illinois in the MAC championship game; unless Ohio pulls off the upset, these two teams are going to Mobile and Detroit respectively). Boise State (11-1, and that loss to Michigan State looks pretty ugly now; if it weren't for the circular firing squads in the AQ conferences, the MAACO Bowl Las Vegas would be the Smurfs' destiny).

Which give us the following BCS scenario...

BCS NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP: Alabama (-11) over Oregon

SUGAR BOWL: Notre Dame (-1) over Florida

ROSE BOWL: Oklahoma (-7) over Michigan

FIESTA BOWL: Kansas State (-3) over Boise State (possibly Rutgers here)

ORANGE BOWL: Florida State (-12) over Cincinnati

So, what looks craziest to you?

FanPosts are just that; posts created by the fans. They are in no way indicative of the opinions of SBN and the authors of Roll Bama Roll.

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